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Thread: T-Mobile on iPhone 3G with Turbosim. No Edge icon

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    Yes as soon as it reboots from resetting the network settings, put it in airplane mode. Try the different variations and you should be able to get it to work.

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    Never mind... I'm an idiot... frickin picky search function.
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    i had this problem just recently and followed jamba's little steps and it is working now....took only one try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerzt View Post
    i had this problem just recently and followed jamba's little steps and it is working now....took only one try!
    It worked for me as well for about 24 hours and now it's gone again.

    Does anyone know if this problem will be solved when the software unlock is released next week??

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    if i leave data roamimg on all the time am i getting charged with the roaming fees? im on tmobile

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    I've swapped sims with different phones and browsed on edge and then swapped back, I've done the steps above, and I've varied between and, and reset networking settings multiple times....





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    In my experience, I tried eveything listed here and only one thing worked; I had to pull the sim, use another phone and surf T Zones for a minute, replace the sim and turn Data Roaming On & 3G Off. APN is Edge returned and worked, but I don't know how long or how frequent this will happen as of now. As they say; the only true test, is the test of time.

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    To put it in the simplest terms possible--put your SIM in another phone, browse the Internet for a while, put it back in your iPhone, go into Settings > General > Network > turn Data Roaming ON, set the APN to

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Tried it and it's working fine on my 3G. I too am on Tmobile. I also have the total internet plan works like a charm.

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    It works for me too like put the sim in another phone and use tzones and put it back but it worked for a week and loose the edge icon again any thing permanent?
    thanks using 2.2.1 3g geney sim adaptor

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    Default Sticky
    Hey, do we have a sticky or something being put toghet for this?
    It appears we have a few different methods for this to be done, but.. at the same time. There are diffrent people running into some extended methods to make this work. Arer the resources to have these issues fixed based upon region?
    we appear to have like 3 different apc's, and depending on the model depends on the the fix.
    For instance, i was following these threads blindly, to realize i re-imaged my phone 3 times for nothing. I have a 5.9 bootloader. Also, we appear to have a variety of data plans to make this work. I am sure t-zone is cheaper than blackberry. but isnt the t-zone the simple 20kbs data plan? meanwhile blackberry is more expensive?

    I personaly have a turbo sim, and Tmobile (duh).
    but, i dont have a host Tmobile phone to be messing with to make internet work.

    I dont mind working with someone to assist in this. This could really help people out.
    (and a lil help making mine work would be great)

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    I am also on Turbo SIM as I also have 5.9 bootloader and I dont have much problem with data when i can get signal. I am on a fringe signal area, one side of the house gets T-Mo and the other AT&T. My turbo SIM kicks to "NO SERVICE" or "SEARCHING' or reboots and sometimes "NO SIM INSTALLED". But when I do have signal I dont have much of a prob with data. I was using the until just about 30 minutes ago when I was reading about the I have the blackberry plan from my old blackberry and HTC Dash. I have noticed sometimes that when I reboot the phone, remove the SIM card or the turbo SIM reboots on its own that it will kick out my APN. OR if I force the phone to use AT&T, as AT&T is my roaming service provider. This will also kick off the "DATA ROAMING" during any of the above.

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