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Thread: Internet / Data Network

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    Exclamation Internet / Data Network
    I am a new 3G I-Phone user and I have not been able to connect to the internet or send e-mail when NOT connected to a wireless network. My phone is jailbroken and I am on T-Mobile with their unlimited plan. I was using a blackberry with the data plan.

    Is there something I need to do to my phone to get it connected to the internet when not connecting via wireless network?

    Whatever help you can provide will be appreciated. When I leav my house or my office I am without the ability to send/recieve e-mail or connect to the internet or use applications which require an internet connection..... HELP!



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    dude... why the crap are you on the blackberry plan? didn't you read this site? call Tmo and get off the crackberry plan... sign up for the tzones, and whtever else you need... from posts on this forum, its been repeatedly said that that plan doesnt do the data right...

    i just activated my iphone(1g) on tmobile- and only signed up for the $6 tzones... and i can send emails and surf the web outside of wifi... spend more time reading the forums on this site and you'll figure it out-

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    Seriously... That wasn't necessary... Didn't need to give him the 3rd degree. I just switched over to TMobile. I have the $20 unlimited messaging package. I don't have a data plan, but it still works just fine... Go into your settings, tap on General, then on Network. From there Cellular Data Network, and use the APN: username and password can be left blank... That should take care of it. Good luck buddy.


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    Hi Brandon,

    I just got the new iphone 3G jailbroken - turbo SIM.
    I have T-Mobile and the voice is working fine.

    Now I am trying to figure out the data so I can go on the internet and check my email with exchange server.

    With my previous phone, it was working fine.
    I have T-Mobile Total Internet.

    I just followed what you said above and I had to turn on Data Roaming.
    I can surf the web now.

    Did you try t zone for $6 ? or is there anything else you would advise to do ?
    I need to read more on the forum.



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    I cannot connect to the itunes store to download applications.
    How can I do ?

    Thanks a lot

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