I had posted this within another tzone thread, but didn't get any response. Posting it a thread of its own as it is related to more than just tzone.

I have 've using tzone hack since last year (thx to this forum) …. I pwned my phone to 2.1 few days ago with a hope that it will fix an issue plaguing my iPhone since 2.0.1, details for which are:

- The internet/safari/mail stop accessing data all of sudden. But a reboot fixes it.
- The error which I get in the mail & safari apps is “Could not activate cellular data network”

- I was in Vegas cpl of weeks ago (I was still on 2.0.1 at that time)… mail was working fine, but my safari just wouldn’t go online. Does anybody know reason for this?

Another general question:
- Have seen this question many places, never quite found an answer: is tzone hack slower than total internet plan ($20 plan)… so far I’ve assumed it is the same speed on both ‘cos tzone is just a port blocking & the hack we apply opens ports for normal mobile browsing, am I correct?

Another question (sort of unrelated); every time I reboot the phone or respring the springboard or acquire signal after loosing it in a building/basement, my voicemail notification comes on. This has been there since upgrading to 1.1.1 (I think) . Does anybody else experience the same and is there a fix for this?

Thanks for your help in advance.