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Thread: *** New T-Mobile APN ***

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    Default *** New T-Mobile APN ***
    I just put this in and it works
    Just wanted to share it with the folks who are having problems. Seems to be quicker too.

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    just tried this. ive gotten almost 100 kbps faster dl speeds. obviously this will fluctuate, but i have never broken 200 before!! 225 kbps ftw!! So totally worth $5.99/month!

    Edit: My mxtube actually works via edge with this setting as well. both streaming and download. wouldn't work with anything but wifi using the other settings.

    Edit Edit: simultaneous test of different apn's wap = 76 kbps, epc = 443 kbps. thank you for this. i'll say it again, $5.99/mo is a steal!!
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    slowest i have ever got: 24 Kbps
    Thanks anyways

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    thanks for this. It does seem a little quicker to connect too.

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    i get about 100 kb/s with this one, and 150 with the old one. no good here

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    how do u guys know the connection speed ?

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    wow.... using this APN actually works for me! None of the other APN's on the forums here have to date except

    Not sure if it's any faster or not but thanks for the info!

    shortie_gurl -

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    thanks for the new APN. now i am allowed to connect to mobilechat

    *maybe i celebrated too soon, now it wont connect
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    DUDE UR THE MAN!!! ive been having mad problems since they refreshed tzones and u my friend just made my day!

    ps i got 84kbps i dont know how much i had with the old hack but who cares. I Do see it is faster then before
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    WOW!!! mxtube & pandora now working.thanks bro
    p.s. how did you find this?
    All information contained in my post came to me in a dream. I don't even own an iphone.
    Don't forget to hit the thanks button

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    Excellent it worked!

    I owe you a beer my friend!

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    i just tested it and i did it three times with and got
    87.kbps 97.kbps 40kbps

    then i just changed it to and got
    100.kbps 137.kbps 97.kbps

    thanks .. helped a lil bit ..oh yea i live in south florida

    Quote Originally Posted by kchociej View Post
    I just put this in and it works
    Just wanted to share it with the folks who are having problems. Seems to be quicker too.
    whered u get that apn anyways ?
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    not sure how you got the APN, but you rock. Ever since TMobile change their IP address, I haven't been able to connect using EDGE for the past week, and the wasn't working, now I used your new APN, it's faster then before, I think I'm in the high 80s low 90s possibly pushing 100.kbps. Thanks again dude. You RULE!!!!!

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    DUDE THANK YOU youtube works now this is the best settings by far much faster ty Speed test shows 181kbs via edge
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    new epc APN doesnt even work for me and i live in Los Angeles area. Anyone have same problem ?

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    I knew itís not going to work but I tried to change APN to epc on BigBoss hacked iPhone (2.0.1). And now I canít connect to Internet at all.

    For those guys who tried, did you manually added APN? using SSH and modifying proxy.pac and preferences.plist?? If So, how can I do this? I searched forum but there are way to many variable way. Could you point me to the right way? Thanks guys.

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    It does feel faster, or is it the placebo affect

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    good looks...i can connect to aim now!!!!

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