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Thread: quick, simple? question on edge tmobile

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    Default quick, simple? question on edge tmobile
    i have tmobile, i'm in the us, i have 1.1.3

    do i need to pay for tmobile internet ($20 a month) or tzones ($6 a month) ?

    which do i use,, or

    i'm currently paying for tmobile internet ($20 a month) cuz i was told by the tmobile guy i needed it, and using and everything works, but i don't want to pay an extra 20 a month if i don't have to... do i have to pay for any of them, if so, which apn do i use?

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    From what I understand the only thing you need the $20 package for is if you want YOUTUBE, safari and mail I believe should work with the T-zones. Safari I'm sure I've seen mixed msg's about email

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    $5.99 T-Zones works but YouTube and iTunes won't work.
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    I just used ziphone on my 1.1.3 and am running great on t-mobile!
    so from the above i take it that T-Zones will allow me to use Safari and Mail but I need the $20 for YouTube and iTunes?? What is the $20 T-Mobile service? Just got off the phone with T-Mobile rep and he did not even mention a $20 option just T-Zones . . .

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    $20 T-Mobile allows you to do it all internet, Youtube, iTunes, and mail... T-Zones just lets you use mail, and internet...
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    So....if you get either one of those internet plans 5.99 tzones or 20 unlimited you just enter in the correct apn settings and your good? Is there any other hacks for it to work or just enter in the or If so which one for which service. I need things explained to me like i'm a 4 year old!

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    ok, i think i got it now

    $5.99 tzones gives you some stuff, and you use

    $19.99 total internet (thats what they call it, you have to call tmobile and ask for total internet, for some reason you can't sign up for it on their web site) and everything works, and i use

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