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Thread: WTF i've read, and done everything but no service!

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    Default WTF i've read, and done everything but no service!
    I'll set it out as simple as I can.

    Got an iphone that was 1.1.4. and jailed. I unlocked it with libirty, pwn, ect. I did a restore after each attempt to prevent problems. Everything was kosher but when I put in my tmobile sim card (mind you it works perfectly on my dash) it seems to read the card (no errors) but displays nothing in the left corner (no bars or the TMOBLE carrier)


    I decied to "virgin" the phone and start with 2.0.2 firmware. did all the restore and crap like that. I activated, jailed, and unlocked with winpwn. Everything went great and i even customized the logo screen. BUT THE SAME PROMBLEM IS THERE. i cannot make a call. no bars no carrier displyed. At this point I just want to make a call. I can care less about anything else as for internet, sms, ect.

    I even went to a tmobile store and asked if others had an iphone on tmobile and they said many. They could'nt help me with the switchover but they did say many were able to acces EVERY service avail.

    I'm in the States (Minnesota to be exact) and have a tmobile service with unlmit internet and my faves. I'm also using a first gen iphone that is 8gb and model is A1203

    Questions I have:

    1. is there a certian sim card i need from tmobile?
    2. am i missing a step in the process? (1.1.4 or 2.0.2)
    3. I've searched and implimented many suggestions in the posts. What am i doing wrong?

    I'm lost, tried everything for the last 72 hrs. I just need this phone to work.


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    I was at 1.1.4 b4 and had nothing . I'm on the phone now via wifi and it is fine. It's just the tmobile not working. I look at the upper left and just see no service... No carrier in the settings panel either

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    The video is 3 parts and takes you thru downgrade then upgrade. Mine shows the logo and has service. Now working on getting tzones hack working.
    p.s. the problem is a baseband mismatch.

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    I had a similar issue, on a phone a while back. It took about 10 minutes and about 4 reboots to grab the signal. I noticed I had this problem mostly when I went through restoring a custom firmware without a sim card in the phone. Just a small tidbit....

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