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Thread: PLEASE...explain why EDGE on T-Zones is SO slow

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    Question PLEASE...explain why EDGE on T-Zones is SO slow
    Could someone provide an explanation why EDGE runs so slowly on T-Zones vs. the speed acheived on the total internet (19.99) package? I have read so many posts on here and some say there is no diofference while others say it is much faster when they swith to the 19.99 plan.... Thnks

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    Well, here is my experience. When I first installed the hack and up until yesterday I was getting 40-50. I pawned my phone 2.0.2 and for some reason I went to 80-100. I have heard that you can get even better than that. One explanation is that you are using a proxy with the hack vs going straight to the net. Sort of like making a stop on a trip then continuing vs driving the whole way. You would tend to get there faster right? Now in the age of the internet that stop is milliseconds but depending on network traffic it translates into seconds sometimes. Yes Edge speed is Edge speed but if you take a race car and put it in traffic it can only move as fast as the traffic even though it can top out at 200mph. I imagine the people who get good speeds with the traffic are in areas where traffic is light vs heavy. Now just because you go the full internet plan (Which is like the express lane) doesn't mean you will get awesome results. If the traffic is bad there you get slower results just like you would with the hack.

    To give you an example. I currently have a phone with Verizon and Evdo which is Verizon's 3G. Please people don't kill me. I have to have it cause there are several tmobile dead spots that I need the Verizon Phone and plus it's paid for by work. Now one thing Verizon has done is failed to grow with the expansion of Evdo. Basically more people hit the tower than ever now and guess what my great 1-2mb speed crawls depending on the time of day. Many people think it is just signal that effects speed. It is a combo of signal and traffic.

    Hope this helps explain things. Now I can't explain why I suddenly went from 50 to 100 but who knows there can be several factors. I thought it may be the upgrade but some people are still getting slow speeds after an upgrade. So who knows. I can only suggest that you try the 19.95 plan for a month and see the difference and if the price is worth it go for it. I basically use mine for exchange email which I really don't need speed and I can wait to get to a wifi spot to use youtube and IM clients so for me the savings of 15 bucks is worth it but for others who need a few k more in speed and love youtube and need to stay in touch with im clients can justify the extra cost.

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    Thank you for taking the time to write such a great explanation! Iwent to 2.0.2 last night and did not have the luck you had but, glad it made a difference for you!

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