Hello community,

I've gone through the process of dumping the old t-zone hack from bigboss, re-installed the new hack, and still no t-mobile zone connect. I'm running 2.0.1. (WinPwned) on my iPhone, and yes, I rebooted after downloading the new hack. So, I have a few questions...

Is anyone else still having trouble since the latest hack? For people who are up and cruising now after the new hack was installed (and weren't before), are you also running the two t-mobile carrier bundles that are also found on Cydia under tweaks? I would really like to get this issue fixed. I signed up for t-zones about two weeks ago and still have not had edge capability, getting the same old comserve errors and the other http $error$ type crap!

Any help? I'm about ready to throw in the towel... not really, but getting PO'd! I was really hoping this was going to fix it for me! Still kudos to the big boss for the quick turn time on the new hack!!!

Please respond... Surf or die!!!