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Thread: t-zones/ulmtd data

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    Default t-zones/ulmtd data
    ok i had unlocked my iphone last month and used a prepaid card(tmobile) with everything on it(unlmtd data, tzone etc.) but i activated to the normal tmobile service but they chose the plans for me(long story) so when i put the new simcard it came up everything was still there...except internet...i was using edge before with the prepaid card, i know this because i installed the hack and the blue E was at the top, and everything was smooth sailing....but now, with the new sim card, i can only access the internet using here is where im do you get t-zones on your phone....and what phone do u guys have as the device on account info. i noticed when they activated my phone they subscribed me to the blackberry(my old phone) data plan and i changed it but it wont take affect till next month so could that be the problem?... which internet plan do i get in order to utilize the t-zones hack and which phone should i choose for my t-mobile acct info?
    i really appreciate the help
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    Having the blackberry plan is the problem, for the t-zones hack to work you need the 5.99 t-zones plan. After getting the t-zones plan and also the hack double check that the APN settings are correct, it should look like this.
    Username (leave blank)
    Password (leave blank)
    As far as what phone you need to show that part doesn't matter at all, if you are talking about doesn't matter what phone you choose cause when you go back and log in, it is going to have you select a phone agian, all you have to do to skip that is after logging in and then it asks what phone you have, just click mytmobile in the top left and it will take you to the main screen.

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