I have a 1st gen phone running 2.0.1. I signed up for the flexpay plan with tzones to try the phone out. I installed the TZones Hack and it worked flawlessly. Now I run speed tests and all I get is 56 down. I have read several post where people claim 100 down. I am in a very well covered edge area.

I have also heard people say that the TZones Hack was super slow for them. Basically what I wanted to do is try the full internet package and see the difference.

Now here is my questions. What kind of speed do you get with your tzones hack? Has anybody tried both and what is the difference? Also, if I uninstall the tzones hack via Cydia, does the pac file revert to the original file so that the phone is in the original state before the hack? It would defeat the purpose if you still go through a proxy.