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Thread: No YouTube on T-Mobile?

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    Default No YouTube on T-Mobile?
    1st gen phone
    2.0.1 phone unlocked, jailbroken
    T-Mobile service, $20 data package.

    If I browse YouTube via the button or Safari, it finds the vids but prompts me with "YouTube requires a WiFi or cell data plan package".

    What gives? What do I need to do to view?

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    Well, my first question is why do you pay $20? You can get $5.99 t-zones plan, hack from Cydia and have almost 100% working edge... Anyway, there was a Yoube fix on installer, i am not sure if there is one on Cydia,,, check it out

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    Installer is still very Beta right now on 2.0.1 and 2. Cydia does not seem to have anything for a fix.

    And yeah, I will knock my T-Zones back down very soon. I needed thought I needed it when I first got the phone but now I know better. HA! Sucks I don't get my $4.99 grandfathered price. I am still only paying $9.99 for unlimited everything for all 4 of my line. 8 years with T-Mo has some benefits but they are slowly decreasing.

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    Mine is working Amazing i have 2.0.1 running on tmobile.
    All i did was install the youtube fix when i created my custom firmware using winpwn.

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    What is the youtube fix? Can I install it if I used Pwnage?

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    MXtube is awesome; grab it from Cydia. Youtube + more.

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    And that lets youtube work on edge?

    Edit: Guess not- I tried it- same thing as youtube - doesn't work on tzones edge.
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    If your youtube isn't working, you need to go create another custom firmware via pwnage, this time specifically clicking on the youtube fix box.

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    And that will get youtube working on Edge? Will that also fix Pandora as well?

    What exactly do I need to do- load it all from scratch again? I hacked the iphone with Pwnage but I simply followed the directions as they came up.

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    Hey update to 2.0.2 and follow the instructions (Pwnage 2.0.3). It works much better. If you choose the expert option don't change any of the things they've preset except whether or not you want installer and cydia. Let me know if this helps you. If not I'll use my phone and figure something out

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    Cool- I'll update. Good to know that youtube can finally work on Tzones edge and not just tzones Wifi.

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    Can anyone confirm Tzone edge is working with YouTube?

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    Well I haven't updated yet but it seems like in this thread everyone is saying that youtube does indeed now work with Tzones edge once you update

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    can come one confirm this to i had 2.0.2 it took alot of memory wen i upgraded but if youtube works on edge ill go back to 2.0.2

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