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Thread: Some info of Tzones-TmobileWeb-Total Access

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    Default Some info of Tzones-TmobileWeb-Total Access
    Found this great article that explains the difference between the 3 and hopefully help out why certain apps won't work with tzone hack.

    Got it all from

    Also see how to get your devices to pick up your email without paying for the T-MobileWeb Pro (the new T-Zones Pro), which is described below. T-MobileWeb (the new T-Zones) different Packages (yes. there's more than one)

    About T-Mobile's T-MobileWeb (the new T-Zones, and sometimes called TMobileWeb)
    To understand T-MobileWeb (the new T-Zones) you must understand that (like other mobile service providers) T-Mobile offers internet to your phone.
    Anyone that has one of these plans from some other provider would expect to pay between $20-$70 for this. (this is the cost of just having internet on your blackberry or TREO Smartphone)
    T-Mobile realized that they couldn't get regular user (non-business) to pay an extra $20 for just simple internet (and besides how much internet would you want in a 1 inch square little screen) so they offered a "WAP" version of their internet service. (WAP is a smaller/simpler version of HTML and with content mainly suited for slow connections and tiny screens.)

    You can Buy the T-Mobile FULL internet option for $20 in addition to your service and you'll get the whole internet (no restrictions) and you'll get everything from the FULL Web, to Email, to Instant messenger, to remote control of your business servers, and syncronization with exchange.

    Knowing that non-business users didn't need all this, maybe just the Web, T-Mobile create T-Zones and initially charged $2.99 and limited you to WAP web pages (which limited you to a few websites and few content. Yahoo news, BBC news, and ebay. but that was the extent of it.)

    As the power of Cell phones rose up T-Mobile added a Nokia HTTP->WAP Bridge server to allow people that were (by now) paying the now $4.99 price to access all the other websites they didn't have access to before.

    Seeing also a demand for Email, they also added a "bridge" between your current email provider and their service.
    They also added T-zones PRO which adds EXchange syncronization for contacts and calendars (not just emails) for $9.99/month

    Currently T-Zones has been renamed T-MobileWeb (and charges $5.99 as of this writing)

    This means now that if you just want access to every website on the internet, and access even to your email you only need to pay the current $5.99/month for T-MobileWeb.

    So what's this website about for then?

    Well, we're NOT showing a way to stick it to the man here. Instead we're helping T-Mobile customers (or future customers If I can help it) to get their ADVANCED phones, pocketPCs and Blackberry to use this great service without having to stay on the phone for 2 hours with T-Mobile support before they explain to you that they don't support your phone/pda/smartphone. (even though their service most definitely does.

    Techie Details: The technical difference between T-Mobile Internet and T-MobileWeb with their Web access is that T-MobileWeb actually DOESN'T have port 80 & 443 (for HTTPS) open. Everything goes through the T-MobileWeb proxy which is a Nokia HTTP-To-WAP box which has to process everything before it's delivered to your phone which means surfing with T-MobileWeb is slower than the more expensive T-mobile Internet plan (but at a fourth of the price!)
    This also means that things like the "Opera Browsers" and basic or old freeware might not be able to surf from your phone EVEN if it's only accessing a website through port 80. All these applications need to understand the "WAP PROXY" (on pda's and smartphones) or HTTP PROXIES (on sophistacted PDAs and notebooks)

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    Yes. Thanks. Very clear. I knew there was a difference in speed between T-mobile web and the total internet add on. I've had both, and the t-mobile web with the tzones hack is definately slower on my iphone.
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    Thanks for that
    Don't forget the Thanks if I helped

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    awesome just to T-Mobile Web ($5.99 plan) unlimited data usage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazeazn View Post
    awesome just to T-Mobile Web ($5.99 plan) unlimited data usage?
    that is correct, t-mobile does not charge per MB

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