Hey Guys,

About a week ago I still had the TMobile total internet until I decided to take the leap and downgrade to the TZones like others are doing. The hack worked fine, but now browsing on the iPhone is painful. It's not the speed that concerns me, it's the random error messages I'm getting, like Timed out messages, just weird bizarre messages safari is reporting.

I did tinker around with the web settings awhile ago, with the cookies mostly. I'm not sure if I threw off a switch or whatnot, but it's crazy.

Mostly I'm noticing it on pages I visit on the web. For instance Myspace on 1.1.4. I go to M.Myspace.Com and it asks for my e-mail and password, I put it in, I get an error in Safari, I refresh the page, it goes to Myspace Mobile, try to read a message, and takes me back to the login page. What the heck!

Is anyone else having this problem? Do I need to restore?

Let me know if anyone knows! thanks!