View Poll Results: Will you sign up for the $20 T-Mo's unl. calling Wifi plan if an app. is developed?

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Thread: Unlimited Calling in T-Mo wifi plan + POLL

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    Question Unlimited Calling in T-Mo wifi plan + POLL
    Does anyone know anyone working on an application that could activate the UMA of the iphone so to use to the T-Mo unlimited calling on Wifi Plan.

    That would be sick. let's try to all request and hopefully someone nice with computer science knowledge will draft a tiny yet very useful app to make this work.

    I tried to request an app on the 3rd app folder but it was flushed out as fast as the US got eliminated from the last World Cup.

    Isn't everyone interested?

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    I do not believe this is possible.

    T-Mobile [email protected] works with a special chip in special phones, such as that new Blackberry. I'm pretty sure its not software based switching, but rather hardware.

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    i was told it's a software issue but you might be right, my source is no computer science major lol...

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    I am not sure either, thats just what I read in PC World magazine. Not always accurate, but either way, I still don't think it'll be possible. Heck, there still is no VOIP software that uses the microphone and earpiece yet.

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    I thought that there was a Skype client for the iphone that works good? Anyone got experience with that?

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    Yes, but it uses incoming minutes, like web-initatied calling.
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    UMA is a capability unlocked by specific hardware. Not just any Wi-Fi phone can support UMA. Furthermore, not just any UMA phone will work with T-Mobile [email protected], the phone must be recognized as a T-Mo phone in order for the backend server to allow connection.
    T-Mobile Tech Support

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    I'd love to see this, but I doubt the iPhone can do this.
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    Yeah, that was quite an old post. What I said was true at the time. Obviously as you pointed out it's not true anymore. But still no TMobile @Home calling, and there will never be.
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    This is sad...and I didn't realize the iphone didn't do this. Probably the only thing my curve has over my iphone. And with t-mobile's suspect coverage sometimes, it's nice to have the uma as a backup. Oh well, can't have it all I guess.

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