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Thread: Research about Prepaid Sim Cards on T-Mobile

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    Default Research about Prepaid Sim Cards on T-Mobile
    After doing plenty of research, I have came to my final step to complete it. I do understand how it works but not for the "A $1 Per Day everytime you use the phone" how will they charge you that?

    I am planning to buy the T-Mobile SIM Card Activation Kit which costs $10 at most and it should come with all these features but I am not definitely sure that is why I need those who are using the prepaid method to confirm this for me please:

    -Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling to anyone on the T-Mobile (USA) Network
    -30 Whenever Minutes
    -Unlimited Night Calls after 7:00 PM
    -90 Days until Expiration
    -Nationwide Long Distance Calling
    -Nationwide Roaming on the T-Mobile (USA) Network
    -T-Zones AKA T-MobileWeb (free shopping for HiFi Ringers, MegaTones®, wallpapers, and more.)
    -VoiceMail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-way Calling*
    -Free e-mail address ([email protected])
    -All Other Calls are 10 cents/minute

    *Important information: Airtime rates apply to voicemail retrieval, each call during a conference call, and call waiting. Caller ID not available on some calls. Long distance rates apply to international dialing.

    Other Services Available:

    - Text messaging ($0.10 to send, $0.05 to receive)
    - Picture messaging ($0.25 to send or receive)
    - Download ringtones and wallpaper (prices vary)
    - Download games and applications (prices vary)
    - 411 & More directory assistance ($1.49 per call plus airtime)
    - International dialing to over 150 countries (international rates apply)
    - Prepaid international roaming rate information

    Here are my questions though... My sources tell me that it will charge you $1 dollar every single time you use the phone. If I bought it for my iPhone and unlocked it, will it work and can I use the T-Zones hack in order to surf the web? How will they charge $1 from you? By the cost of the prepaid card? I don't get it because let's say you buy the $10 activation kit and you use it for 10 days, does it mean it will deduct $10 dollars in which it will no longer work anymore? Someone explain to me please? Thank you for your time! Hope someone does answer me though...

    My sources are from:

    -HTML Prepaid Information Page
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    I don't know about your larger issue, I'll leave someone else to answer that, but I was just looking at the "other services" and wonder why someone would pay $1.49 per 411 call when there are free numbers like 1-800-free411. Aside from that frivolous charge, though, it looks like a good deal.


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    It's prepaid. You already paid for the card, and yes they will deduct $1 per day. I don't know how the different tier in the refill works as you refill different amt, but bottom line, you will get "Your balance now is $previous-$1" message per day used plus any voice call charges.

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