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Thread: 3G is coming for T-Mobile... should I buy an iPhone3G?

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    Default 3G is coming for T-Mobile... should I buy an iPhone3G?
    So i was on and the latest is that t mobile is going to release their 3g network in October. Is the iPhone3g going to able to use their network or is apple somehow going to control which network you can and can't use.

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    From what I read, the tmo is using different bands for 3G. This makes the iPhones 3G incompatible with tmo. I am not 100% sure on this...

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    yeah you are correct. No way to get it to work. Different freq. than Tmobile.

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    I've read a lot of conflicting information about this topic, but it appears as though it may work. The iPhone 3G supports the 2100 MHz frequency that apparently t-mobile is using instead of the 1700 MHz frequency. Please let it be true!

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    ok, so after talking to an engineer with TMobile in in Factoria, TMobile 3G will work on the iPhone -if- someone is intrepid enough to enable the American phones for that band via software.

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    So, this is a game changer. Now this is right from t-mobile that the 3G is going to work on their network!

    I have gotten better service from T-Mobile on the iPhone than I have from AT&T! So I'm looking forward to the 3G on their network!

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    You're jumping the gun saying this will work with T-Mobile...

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    yeah i agree...where did you read that they are changing and using 2100 mhz.

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    yes i agree - i thought they were going to use 1700 for upstream and 2100 for downstream. (or vice versa)?

    and there was a post about software hacking the frequencies - i personally would love to see this happen, but i saw the chipset manual pdfs (i think the chipset is a german manuf) and it looked pretty hard coded. and is this even possible?

    would love to hear comments - as i have another country that operates in 1700 that i would love to see it work in.

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    Not only that even if you did magically change the bands(which you cant) T-Mobiles 3G is going to suck on a wide scale for a while. They arent used to having tons of their bandwidth being used. 3G is a giant strain on networks when they first start so itd be like going back to EDGE with less battery life..
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    T-Mobile USA uses 1700 for uplink and 2100 for downlink for its 3g. For 3g radios to connect, it needs BOTH frequencies open to attach itself to T-Mobile's 3g service. So the short answer is "no it will not work".

    To answer another question above...its not a matter of software upgrades, its a hardware issue, so that T-Mobile tech was a bold faced liar or doesnt know what he's talking about.

    A more complicated answer to iphone 3g on TMo is: T-Mobile has on its specs 850/1700/2100..... so it might be theoretically possible to work on T-Mobile's 3g using 850 as an uplink and 2100 as a downlink, however, i'm really not sure on that. Another option would be for T-Mobile to lease 3g spectrum from Sprint or Verizon.

    T-Mobile was forced to buy 1700 because of availability...however, it will be better suited in the long run because it pretty much owns that spectrum and is faster than the 1900/2100 that ATT uses. Technically, it would be 4g in a couple of years.
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    The 3G won't work because according to recent resources, they both don't have the same frequency to handle 3G. But it is possible to use EDGE network on the iPhone 3G. The only problem is .. you need to unlock the iPhone 3G to use it on T-Mobile's Network.

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