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Thread: T-Mobile Support with iPhone

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    Default T-Mobile Support with iPhone
    Hi guys! I am familiar with general jailbreaking methods with the iTouch and iPhone, as well as unlocking methods with the iPhone. I have a 1st generation iPhone running on 2.0 that is currently unlocked and I use it with T-mobile. I would like to get a data plan for it, and learn more from T-Mobile as far as their cooperation with me and my phone.

    If I walk into my local T-Mobile, and say "I have an unlocked iPhone, and use it with your service" will they be supportive of it? Will they help me with getting plans for my iPhone? Will they mind that I have an unlocked iPhone? Thanks for your help!

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    They don't seem to mind what phone you have as long as you pay the bill :-).

    When I first unlocked my iphone, I was having problems with voice mail. Called T-Mobile and they asked what kind of phone.... put me to their "iphone tech person". Walked me through the problem. So, give them a call.

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    don't walk into a tmobile store with a unlocked iPhone asking for help they won't help you. Maybe a nice csr will over the phone but definately not instore.

    Im also on tmobile with an unlocked iPhone. Your only data options is 5.99 tzones 9.99 tzones 19.99 total web 29.99 total web and a slightly higher price total web with VPN . The only difference with them as far as using on a unlocked iPhone is the 29.99 plan includes the use of tmobile hotspots (which there aren't many) and the vpn plan let's you access your / your jobs virtual private network. Other then that depending on where you live they will all give you the same speed and access. So basically all you need is the 5.99 plan. Oh yeah I forgot the 19.99 blackberry plan. Its just basicaly the total internet plan (which I mistakenly refered to as total web). Also note none of the data plans include text messages (except the sidekick plan which you cannot use with the iPhone) unlimited text is a extra 14.99 a month.

    Just go to tmobile website sign into your account. Change the phone in your profile to a razor or similiar and then you'll have the option of choosing a data plan. Again I suggest the 5.99 unless you need VPN or hotspot acess (which you DONOT need to use wifi) . Add your text plan. And confirm and save.

    Then go to cydia and install the tzones hack , input the apn in network settings on the iPhone ( reboot and wait for about an hour for the changes to your plan to take should also get a text from tmo telling you so also. Then you should be good and all programs and functions using data should work.

    Whew typed all this on my iPhone. I'm becoming a pro .LOL

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    Wow, I can't believe you typed that on your phone! Thanks so much. I am going to check out the tmobile site to see plans and stuff. Once again, thanks!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djfantom View Post
    don't walk into a tmobile store with a unlocked iPhone asking for help they won't help you. Maybe a nice csr will over the phone but definately not instore.

    I'm not sure when you went into T-mo store, but i've never had them have any issues helping me. But most help is definitely with a CSR. They actually have an "unsupported" device group and "iphone specialists". Believe me they want to keep you iPhone or no iPhone.

    The only caveat is that they will try to push the 19.99 plan on you. So if you plan to use the Tmo-5.99 hack, i'd avoid telling them you have an iphone. or get set up and then go online and change to the 5.99 plan later.

    For the most part, there isn't much for them to do though. And they have less than a fraction of the knowledge posted in these forums. Good Luck!

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    Default iphone
    If you get the 5.99 t-zones you have to have the 5.99 t-zones hack installed on your phone.

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    I have been in several Tmoble stores and they have all been more than happy to help me with my UNLOCKED IPHONE, so dont listen to djfantom, he doesnt know what he is talking about.

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    i think the reason he said not to go into the store and to just call a csr is because A. the t-mobile stores are always swamped and it takes forever to talk to someone, and B. they are sales people, they want to be selling phones and contracts. not helping you with the phone u bought off ebay, as it made him or her no money. i used to be in camera sales and i couldnt stand it when people brought in cameras that we didnt sell. i wanted to sell a camera to the people behind them. the people in the store are paid off commission and dont want to be bothered with questions that 611 could be answering. half the time they have to call 611 anyways.

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    i went to a tmobile store and the csr had an iphone. I decided on the total internet for 20 bucks and he changed the apn settings for me and gave me a few tips on intaller and other cool programs. It really helped out when i was a newbie.

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    even if you call 611, Tmo knows you have an iPhone, they have a way of finding out...I called the guy and I was like I wanna get the total internet plan for 19.99 and he said "and you are using an iPhone?" I was like yea, then he told me that it might take longer for the settings to load up on the iphone since its a non-tmobile phone. so I still dont have internet (only updated about 12 hours ago tho)

    anyway, Tmo doesnt care if you have an iPhone...

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