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Thread: how do you update a 1.0.2 version unlocked tmobile iPhone without getting it bricked?

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    Exclamation how do you update a 1.0.2 version unlocked tmobile iPhone without getting it bricked?
    the guy that unlocked my iPhone said that if I got it updated that it would brick my iphone. is there any way of getting around that?

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    you can revirgin the phone. then update to 1.1.1 and jailbreak that and run oktoprerp then you can upgrade again to 1.1.2 and jailbreak that and use anysim and you will be all set. just did this a few days ago for a friend.

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    but will it erase everything on my phone?

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    Yes it will erase everything on your phone. You will have to reinstall all your apps. Before you start, plug into itunes and let your phone sync. This will back up your settings and contacts and stuff like this. The way I recommend you virginize is:

    1) Add my repository
    2) Install term vt100
    3) Install "virginize scripts"
    4) Load term vt100 and type:
    cd /usr/bin

    When this is done, you have a virgin, locked 1.0.2 ready to upgrade. Unless you need the foreign language support, just upgrade to 1.1.1. The 1.1.2 is a much bigger hassle and not worth it otherwise.
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    Just went through this two days ago.

    Went to 1.1.2, and its a much bigger pain, since if you mess up unlocking, you ahve to start all over from 1.0.2 and downgrade the baseband (I couldn't get it to activate otherwise)

    Its easier to just download the "Revirginizer" package from the source (Unlocking Tools), it does it for you... Make sure you set auto lock to Never!.

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