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Thread: can anyone use push-email with unlocked 2.0 with T-Mobile?

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    Exclamation can anyone use push-email with unlocked 2.0 with T-Mobile?
    I have a 2g 8g iPhone, and was really looking forward to the new software update mainly b/c the push-mail feature. I have T-Zones on my phone from the bigboss hack from Cydia, and it works fine with web browsing and fetching emails, BUT just no push email at all Even when I am on wifi instead of edge, no mail is immediately pushed to my phone. I've tried it with yahoo, mobileme, and mail2web, and nothing worked. Does anyone have a solution? is it because of T-Mo, or is my phone defected?

    Thanks in advance

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    I have the same device as yours, and upgraded to 2.0 from 1.1.4 (pwned - not ziphoned). But am in other country - so not on T-Mo, I used push Exchange email with no problem whether in EDGE or Wifi. So i guess that's kinda narrow down the suspect....

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    This is really weird, push email from mobileme seems to work fine now with TMO, i tried it on both wifi and edge

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    I have tried 3 different Exchange Servers on different networks (aka physical locations) and cannot get mail on my 2.0 1st gen phone....

    No errors, but no mail ever shows up on my phone. I can see the message(s) in OWA and Outlook, but not on my phone.

    Is mobileME the only way to use PUSH currently?

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    I found that MobileMe's remote sync for address book and calendar (which is the main reason I wanted it) didn't work with the T-Zones hack. Some apps don't work with the T-Zones hack; I found you had to first open a brower window to start the "tunneling" process (or whatever the hack is doing) and THEN those programs would work (sort of).

    I switched over to the full Total Internet Add-on (which is 19.99) and PRESTO, everything works. The initial sync took a bit but now i'm getting full push of email, address book, and calendar events.

    It's a whole fifteen bucks more than the T-Zone hack, so hey, give that a go. Worked for me. Now all the apps work much, much better and everything seems to just work without first having to fire up a browser window to wake the phone up. Yahoo!

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    everything works for me with mobileme except for PUSH EMAIL. I get my contacts and calendar synced automatically and pretty much instantly. I use TZONE. has anyone gotten PUSH EMAIL work with TZONE????

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    I am on 2.0 and running the Tzones and have had no issues with Push email from our exchange server. I also have a Moto Q(work issued) and email arrives within seconds of one another, sometimes Moto is first, sometimes Iphone first. I did notice when I am at home it is slightly slower, but email does get delivered. I did use the Cydia Tzone fix and nothing else.

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    Yes, so I have heard that have had luck with exchange servers. but, it is either mobileme or something with my phone that PUSH email is not working...

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    Just tested and I was able to get it within a few seconds, wifi was instant and edge was about 3 to 4 secs.... I am using total internet with tmobile. what are your edge setting?????

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    Ya I have been having the same problem. I tried ymail, mail2web, mobile me and it only worked once or twice. But now it doesn't work at all. It's so frustrating. I have my contacts and calendar synced with google and I am using neusynx (or something like that) and my calendar and address book is pushes fine and free. I thought ymail would work but no go. Surprisingly, it worked once when I turned off wifi and had it go through edge, then it started working. But just as quick as it worked, it died. Hopefully a patch will co e out when installer comes out to fix this.

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