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Thread: Help with getting T-Mobile working on I-Phone

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    Default Help with getting T-Mobile working on I-Phone
    I purchased a I-Phone the first day they came out and cancelled my account about a month later due to service issues where I live. About a month ago I started to play around with the hacks and got the phone unlocked. Purchased a prepaid T-Mobile SIM today to try and get it to work with the ANYSIM App. ANYSIM has installed ok, when I put the T-Mobile SIM in I get a error message in I-Tunes stating "There is no carrier that supports the installed SIM Card in the iPhone. Please disconnect and insert a valid SIM card in the iphone."

    I think somewhere along the way of doing some of the hacks I accidentially upgraded to version 1.1.2 and firmware 04.02.13_G when I restored cause I botched something up. I downgraded and currently running version 1.1.1 and firmware 04.01.13_G.

    Has anyone gotten this error message in I-Tunes before and know how to get the prepaid t-mobile sim working with the iphone?? or does anyone know if I am stuck cause i upgraded once to 1.1.2 and 04.02.13_G??

    Sorry for the long post, all help is appreciated!

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    have you try upload the lockdown file? it might take care the problem for the itune sim error.

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    It said the same thing to me after I unlocked mine. But when I upgraded to 1.1.2 using the hack, it worked.

    Try this:

    1) Go the bottom of this page (I think this is where you are now)

    2) Click "Page 4" and follow the directions to upgrade 1.1.2.

    Good luck!


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    may be a silly question but what is the lockdown file to upload???

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    Not sure if prepay is same as post pay, but i had unrecognized errors untill i finally gotten to jailbroken 1.1.2. The like magic T-mobile with 5 bars appeared.

    Not sure why it wouldn't work on earlier firmware versions. (I'm using a stealth sim).

    So if all else fails, maybe restore and do the process again. A lot of very detailed full length guides have been written. Even you tube videos of people doing the steps. So should be pretty easy to redo the process. good luck.

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