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Thread: i got my 3g have a ? please read

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    Lightbulb i got my 3g have a ? please read
    ok i finaly got my 3g today and it was unlocked for my friends moms contract but after it was connect to the new iphone i just tolk out the sim and gave her the sim now i have a few things to say
    once the jailbreak comes out from dev team

    1.since its unlocked by apple does it ever need to be unlocked again ?
    2.since its unlocked by apple when the dev team app comes out for jailbreak will it work with tmobile or will it still be locket up.

    please answer back thanks alot

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    your phone is not unlocked its just activated , i guess thats what your trying to say . once the "tool" is out youll be able to unlock it for tmobile (hopefully)

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    see how it said it will not unlock it will just jailbreak.

    unlock is what they can only do in the store for now and what they trying to work on they as in "dev team"

    still waiting for answers

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    You're not making any sense. Unless you bought the phone in France or any other of the few countries that sell unlocked iPhones, APPLE WILL NOT UNLOCK IT FOR YOU. What they (Apple and AT&T) do is activate the phone for use on their (AT&T) network.

    They devteam have stated on their blog that when pwntool 2.0 is released it will jailbreak and unlock the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch and will only jailbreak and NOT UNLOCK the new 3g iPhone. That will come later.

    Bottom line, you will not be able to use the new 3g iPhone on T-Mobile yet. And just so you know, when the unlock is released, you will not have 3g speeds with T-Mobile.

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    First of all. I hate to do this but you won't get 3G connection even if you unlock the phone. T-Mobile uses different frequency from AT&T.

    If you bought the phone to take the advantage of 3G, I would sell when the news says 3G iPhones are sold out worldwide. By then, you'll get maximum profit out of the phone and be able to by the old iPhone and still have money in your pocket.

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    i realy dont care for 3g since i use wifi most the time anyway.
    how about getting one of those damn fake sim thingy that is shown from out of state will that work in US CALI

    i will sell the phone for like 800 900 $ on ebay if there is nothing to do with it for a while tho if i have to wait 1 month mind as well sell it and ill buy another one soon as it comes out.

    but as for now im still lookin for answers please

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