I spent a lot of time searching through this site and others attempting to figure out how to make T Mobile work with all of the Apps through Edge.

As of right now my Edge is fully functional, including Youtube without buffering stutters. Safari, Maps, Email, Weather, Stocks, etc...it all works.

It took me about 24 hours and 5 restores/jailbreaks with different methods, but here in exact order is how I did it and got everything to work.

My iPhone is a 2G 8gb if that matters.

1. I used iLiberty to put the phone in DFU Mode.

2. I used iTunes ver 7.5 to restore and put firmware 1.1.4 on the phone.

3. I used iLiberty to run the Jailbreak, etc. I used the instructions on this site for running iLiberty....but I added something. On the iLiberty main screen you will have the Jailbreak, Activate, and Unlock boxes checked. But I also checked the 'Downgrade Bootloader..." box. Make sure you set iLiberty up to install cyndia, ssh, and installer per the instructions on this site.

4. The Jailbreak takes about 5 minutes. Once that is done I do the T Mobile hack found here: T Mobile EDGE and iPhone

5. After you use iBrickr to install the files do as it says and go into Settings-->General-->Network-->Edge and put in wap.voicestream.com with guest as username and password. [I have read some people put in no name and password or use internet2.voicstream.com. I tried both and it didn't work]

At this point everything should work except for YouTube.

6. Use the installer and download the YouTube 1.1.4 hack. YouTube will work.

That's it. 15 minutes or less. I watched YouTube all the way into work this morning on the train.

I live in the Chicago area and notice my Edge speeds are noticeably slower the closer I get to downtown. Out in the suburbs where I live it's pretty damn fast.

Also, I am paying T Mobile $19.99 for unlimited internet because I had a Blackberry. I cannot vouch that this method will work with the $5.99 T Zones plan.