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    So here's my story.
    I got my phone about a week ago. It was unlocked with T-Mobile, I dont know what program was used. It has 1.0.2 with the installer app. on it and I completed the T-Zones hack about 5 times to try and access EDGE with no luck. Today my iPhone started to Flash the apple logo on and off, drop down the turn-off slide when I didn't want it to repeatedly, among other things. I tried the recovery mode a couple of times and it still does this. All I want to do is delete everything i've done, restore it to its OTB state and fix the problem which i'm sure has to do with something i've done. Please help!

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    You will need to Virginize your phone most likely, if its a 1.02, its fairly likely that someone used the original version of anySim on there or any one of its clones. So therefore you will need to virginize it if you want to upgrade.

    If not, then just shift restore the 1.02 version back on there, it should not modify the baseband as its not upgrading it, so the unlock should still be present. Put it in recover mode by holding down the Sleep and Home button till the screen goes black then let go of the Sleep button only and continue to hold the Home button till the OS you have it connected to says its in recovery mode.


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    What do i use to virginize? I'm somewhat of a noob. And what kind of operating system would I have it hooked up to? iTunes?

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    No offense FanBama34, but the information is in the GUIDES at the top, just gotta look for it.
    That shows how to virginize it. Thats for the OSX, if you got Windows look for the other version. Most of it is the same anyways, its just which tools to use when you on Windows, like using Putty instead of like Terminal on OSX.


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    Why do that when you could just tell me the most optimum way to virginize since you actually know what you're talking about.

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    Use iDemocracy for Windows, it works and its very friendly to use, just use it and follow the instructions on the screen. Make a search and find it...

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    Is all this going to fix the problems and restore my iPhone back to how it was set up OTB?

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    Again please read some of its instructions, it clearly gives you your answer right on their homepage.

    Important Notices - Please Read!

    * Please DO NOT use this software on an unlocked iPhone!! If your iPhone is unlocked for non-AT&T SIM cards, iTunes will very likely brick it during the upgrade/downgrade process. Virginize it first with any solution out there (or with iDemocracy 2, if you're on or have managed to get to 1.0.2).

    So like I said before, just follow one of those guides, why are you insisting that I give you the most optimum way? How is that one stated in the guide not optimum? It clearly works, hence why its in the Guides section at the top, there are other methods, but which may or may not be easier, but there are not guides for it, and I cant sit here and explain out every step. You wanted a step by step process, so follow that guide, if you were a bit more versed in the iPhone hacking world, then there are other methods I can describe as well.

    Also you still have not stated which operating system you are running which is making it harder for us to explain what you should use, if your phone is still truly at 1.02 and been unlocked, and you are using Windows, then as the directions states, use iDemocracy2 which will take care of it all for you.

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    I am using windows but you still haven't answered my question, will this fix my problems since it doesn't actually say on the site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanBama34 View Post
    I am using windows but you still haven't answered my question, will this fix my problems since it doesn't actually say on the site?
    I don't think anyone can tell you whether it'll fix your problem but since your phone is acting up, this is the best thing to try. I've had a few problems with my phone and by restoring to OTB condition and jailbreaking again, my phone was able to recover. You should just try what's been suggested here. Good luck

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