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Thread: If you are having trouble, and have to call T-Mobile...

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    Default If you are having trouble, and have to call T-Mobile...
    It goes a long way to have already tried the operation you're attempting to perform with a t-mobile phone.

    What I mean by this is: if you're not getting internet connectivity on your iPhone and you're fairly certain that its not something wrong with your phone, then put your SIM into a t-mobile supported phone and try it out. If it works in the T-Mobile phone, then the problem is with your iPhone, if it does NOT work, then the problem is with the t-mobile network.

    This is very good info to have when you call into t-mobile and will definitely help to decide what type of experience you have when you call in for help. If you just call in like an inbred idiot and say "My internet isn't working on my iPhone", then chances are you're going to get a quick answer saying "We don't support the iPhone, have a nice day". But if you say that you're not getting internet access on your iPhone and you've already tried using the SIM in a T-Mobile branded phone, then you've immediately identified the issue as a t-mobile issue.

    Of course, if the SIM works in a t-mobile phone and not in your iPhone, then you won't be calling in anyways, because there's nothing that anyone can do for you. Unless you happen to get one of the 25-ish t-mobile reps that actually have iPhones.

    Also, to add a little bit.

    This is not just limited to internet access. If you're sending SMS and no one is getting them, try sending them from a T-mo phone. Again, if the SIM works in the T-Mo phone, then your iPhone is the problem, if it doesn't work in the T-Mo phone, then the T-Mobile network is the problem.
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