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Thread: Some T-Mobile Questions.

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    So after the past two years of hell with Sprint's crap reception, and their crappy selection of phones, I decided to choose T-Mobile. This was after I got my iPod touch stolen. But i have a few questions. First, is there going to be a possibilty for buying unactivated 3G iPhones? Also, I dont quite understand what the T-Zone thing is about. What is it? And i know the fav five thing works for it. And is it finally possible to even unlock the 3G iPhones? Some say yes, some say no.

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    Where should i begin? Well i'm sure some way or some how there will be a way to get the 3g. Like my mom always says :There's always a way." I have a feeling you will be able to buy it but at a high price unlock. The t zone is the internet service t mobile provides for there low tech phones. They have a programs called tzone hack which allow you to use the t zone plan on the iphone for only 5.99. Which means unlimited internet.

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    from my understanding t-zone hack is cheaper internet but still limited. its an "internet" plan available from t-mobile that allows you to access the t-mobile wap site which is just to buy tmobile junk (ringtones, wallpaper, etc) also maybe pay bills and has an email feature in which you sign into the tmobile website on the computer and give it information to access email for you which you can access through the text only wap connection. what the "tzone hack" does is you redirect that connection to a proxy server on tmobiles network that allows more data to be accessed. this allows you to use full browsers to access regular websites, not just text only websites. where as paying for the full $20 plan gives you "full" internet access, quicker connection plus you dont have to go through a proxy server, and a more dedicated connection (the tzone hack drops out a lot, i think they close the port the proxy uses or something)

    anyway thats just my understanding of it. this has a better explaination: T-Mobile Internet on your Laptop, PocketPC, Smartphone, Blackberry, or PDA (using T-MobileWeb & T-Zones) -

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