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Thread: Tmobile- "call ended" "call failed" when trying to make outgoing calls... help!!

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    Default Tmobile- "call ended" "call failed" when trying to make outgoing calls... help!!
    I jailbroke my phone and am on the 1.1.4 right now.

    Everything was going great, I was using the phone without any problems when a few days ago I started to get "call ended" "call failed" whenever I tried to make outgoing calls. I don't know what to do. I called tmobile to see if there was an outage in my area and they said no. I searched online and people told me to change my caller ID to show as well as change the time and date from auto to a specific location. I tried to reset the phone several times but nothing helps. I sometimes are able to make outgoing calls but its so random.

    Has this happened to anyone else?? Can anyone help with this??

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    Do you get Reception? Check your bars the next time you try to make a call. And try it before telling me it doesnt work, lol
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    I am experiencing the same problem. I use the prepaid tmobile and most of the time, I am roaming in an AT&T area. That is where I have the problem. No other roaming area gives any problem. The tmobile tech tells me that AT&T is having problems systemwide with prepaid tmobile. Hope they get it fixed soon!

    Are you using the Prepaid Tmobile also?

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    I have full signal at home. The weird thing is is that when I'm home with full bars I cant make outgoing calls and when I'm 10 miles away from home, when I'm downtown chicago I have no problems making any calls. When I call tmobile thinking that there might be a problem with a cell tower by my house they tell me no that its my phone. This really doesn't make any sense.

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    When you are not getting calls outbound, are you in an AT&T roaming or in a TMobile area?
    TMobile originally told me it must be my phone, but I was on a trip down the interstate, roaming into other areas besides tmobile and every at&t roam area I could not make an outgoing call. That's when they said it was a system wide problem with At&T.
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    I have full bars and it says that I'm in tmobile network.

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    I also live in Chicago and I am experiencing the same thing. I also thought it was the Iphone. I switched my sim to a Samsung T629 and I am experiencing the same thing with that phone. I think T-mobile is having some issues that they might not be aware of in some areas. I live in the Northwest side and been having problem for the past 3 month, before that it was fine. I gave them a call and they said that there was no issues. Hopefully more people will call them. so, they can see it is a problem and then they might investigate it.

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    I just found what seems to be the answer on another thread on this forum as I was having the same problem while traveling in the states for the last few days (outgoing working in some places and not others).

    Try going to settings / phone / show my caller ID / turn it to "On"

    That seemed to do the trick for me with my unlocked 1.1.1.

    Good luck, let me know if it works

    Also, this seems to be a phone issue, not a service provider issue...I am able to use my chip in other phones perfectly, however the two chips that I have did not make outgoing calls for some reason (in places that they did in the past) until i set my show caller ID to "on"
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    well you guy are not the only ones ive done it all reinstall factory and all them stuff nothing seem to work can anyone maybe find a way to fix this or hide the pop up thing this is what happens

    miss call that reaches voicemail you will get this message
    call failure call failed

    now this is not normal because i remember before it would say miss call person name and will give u call back or cancel

    im on tmobile

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    Thanked 12 Times in 12 Posts tmobile phone does this and it's a cheap flip smasung phone, Odd though the IPHONE would be running into the same issues...I will have to play with mine and see whats up...

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