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Thread: explain this to me like i am a 3yr old...

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    Default explain this to me like i am a 3yr old...
    i just got my unlocked iphone it has the 1.1.4. i have tmobile. i have the total internet package. what do i need to do to get myfavs operable and safari,youtube, maps ect. ect. i did download the tweaks from boss yada yada. not sure if that is it or what i need to install or the settings i need to create to make everything work. please please help. i appreciate your time seriously. i have been online now for 2 hours trying to figure it out. i am not that dumb!! lol something isn't working. i am not sure what.

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    First off, MyFavs you would have to manage through your online account. Choose your five favs and then add them to your favorites list on the iphone and voila.

    If you search the threads you'll find the what you need to do to get the internet going. I have Tzones... I downloaded the Tzone Hack and it works fine. Although I don't use YouTube through Tzones because it's too slow, but everything else works.

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    yeah the best way is to manage the my faves online

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    Is there a hack to enable MyFaves on the iPhone? I thought a specific handset was required.

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    I dont think so...
    But I may be wrong?
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    Default myfaves
    First thin'gs first there is now way as of right now to get my faves to appear on the iphonelike it does on a tmobile phone. As far as i know there is no hack for it.

    For the interenet you have to have a interent feature on your account first then you need to enter the apn(access point name) of t-mobile to get it to connect. I am a tier3 tech rep for t-mobile and this works

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