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Thread: Low Service, Me or Tmobile?

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    Default Low Service, Me or Tmobile?
    Hey guys, I have been getting kinda low service around the Denver-Metro area, anyone else experiencing this? I heard it was Tmobile, that their towers were going under maintenence, and actually I'm around four to five bars everywhere now, but I used to be five most places, now it goes down to four more often than not.
    I am just wondering if this is Tmobile or my phone, because I really dont want to restore a third time. :

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    Thank God I'm not alone!!! LOL!!! It has been happening to me too. Where I have full reception, pick up my phone for a message and there goes my signal. I don't know if it's hardware or software related. But you are not alone..

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    To be honest with you guys i have thought the samething.. and got alot of crap from friends that are jelouse about not having an iphone hah....

    But i have to say that I have noticed that my Iphone doesnt get as good recpetion as my old phone did on tmobile.... and Im getting no signal in places that i used to get signal ... then in some spots where i never got signal I get a weak signal... so im thinkin that it might be the phone not having the best attenna maybe ??? i dont know ... I just know what i have seen what you guys are talking about and have exibited the same problems.

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    try this out works really well, flip your iphone to the back look for the black square now use your iphone with out covering the black square there goes your service back =]

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    I know this already, as I researched how to get better edge speed, I get the low service even when not covering the antenna.

    My brother is getting kinda low service lately too, with his new razr.

    Idk, anybody around the denver area experiencing this?

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    Ive heard about this trick with WIFI that makes your signal better ... call me nutts... but i wonder if you open the phone and put aluminum tin foil around where the attena is under teh black piece if that would boost signal ...

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