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Thread: What is your T-Zone Speed ??

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    ok did a edge test in Bridgeport ct at above time n got 117kbps
    Wifi was apprx. 583
    This is on 5.99 tzones
    So location is the deciding factor.
    My iPhone is a 1g w/ 2.0 firm

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    Got a speed range of 102 kbps - 160 kbps in Newport Beach, CA.

    With $5.99 TZones & 1.1.4 FW

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    I don't think this test is a good measure of speed. If i test 3 in a row back to back they all vary between 30kbps and 200kbps. I have never had a test back to back that had numbers close to each other to indicate a stable speed.

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    Then take the 3 and average them ... and that would be a good approximate speed rating.

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    I disagree. The total internet plan is defintly only a slightly faster but its way more stable. My internet always works i never get 500 internal server error anymore. My freind with thge tzone hack. It has a big delay when u first load websites and it goes down often. Mine never goes down i always get atleast 220k the lowest ever on iphonespeedtest. Im in nyc area

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    179.9 on tzones in rockford il

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    113 average on T-Zones in Oakland California!!!
    330 on WIFI

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    450 on 3g with 4bars
    my provider : Fido in canada

    wifi : 850
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
    its all the area, not the plan. 5.99 is the same access as the 19.99 plan. trust me, tested it, talked to every tier of technical and internet support, and worked for tmobile.
    quick question then:
    what is it that causes several web based apps (like youtube) to not work on the $5.99 plan? Is it the proxy settings that t-mo uses?

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    Highest i ever got was 182 in the Minnesota area

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    ran it 3 times:

    1.) 198.4
    2.) 98.6
    3.) 125.4

    Phoenix, AZ

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    Getting 252 kbps in the Agoura Hills area.

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    Must be rough! i wish i lived in a city with better speeds lol

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    I ran the test 3 times and these are the results:

    I live here in Los Angeles, California:

    1st try - 215.1 kbps
    2nd try - 305.8 kbps
    3rd try - 347.3 kbps

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    San Jose area in CA at 3PM

    314, 343, 322 kbps

    via WiFi
    510 kbps

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    here in st louis, MO - i get anywhere between 120-310 kbps

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    Default Chicago
    471.9, 422, 475.7 on EDGE, Tmobile, Tzones 5.99.

    I was surprised myself, I thought my wifi was on, it's only on tzones.

    I used

    I just tried and got very different results. 287.3, 215.3, 319.6

    I think the inetworktest numbers seem high
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    hit 313 in denver....average about 275
    2G iPhone:8Gb/unlocked/T-Mobile/T-Zones ($5.99)/FW2.2.1(5H11)
    LOST in the frozen backcountry of Copper Mountain, CO

    iPhone: 3G/8Gb/unlocked/T-Mobile/T-zones ($5.99)/FW3.1.2

    Mac: because two mouse buttons are scary.

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    Here in the UK my speed varies on HSDPA - anywhere between 800 - 1400kbs and on wifi Iget about 2300kbs

    But I am on the more expensive plan which should cost 12.50 a month ( I get discounts off that so pay nowhere near that).

    Have fun
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