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Thread: Eyes On Iphone 3g But Ima Newbie Help!!!

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    Default Eyes On Iphone 3g But Ima Newbie Help!!!
    I Kno Im Really Early On This Stuff But Any Info Is Good

    Im Currently Signed Under T-mobile Service And Want To Move Away From The Sidekick And Really Have My Eyes Set On Buying The 3g Iphone But Dont Know Which Programs I Will Need To Unlock It When I Do Im A Newbie To All This Anyones Help Is Gladly Aprreciated Thank You

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    Well as far as I know, the 3G iPhone might not be able to be unlocked right away so I'd give it time before you purchase it for T-mobile. Also many people have said the 3G might not work on T-mobile due to different settings on the T-mobiles 3G but also others have said it is possible so its hard to decide.

    But I have T-Mobile as well and use the current 1st gen. 16GB iPhone and I'm sticking with this because the new phone doesn't really have much more to still lacks a lot that we iPhone users have wanted for a while.

    In the end its really up to you to decide, I would say stick with AT&T since some features won't work even if you unlocked it with T-mobile..for example like video conferencing I heard might not work. Only downfall on AT&T is the ridiculous plan prices.

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    There are rumors already that ziphone has unlocked the 3g iphone..., but unfortunately ziphone has been known to damage the phone. So as of right now, there is no solid and safe method to jailbreak and/or unlock the 3g iphone. Plus the fact that the phone requires in-store activation may deter us from purchasing and unlocking the phone.

    I recommend being patient, see what happens, rather than rushing into something that may not be in your best interest.

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    Tmobile 3g is differnt i have heard. Also 3G is only available in New York currenly. I would try and grab a first gen iphone if you want to use an iphone on Tmobile

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    A.) T-mobile 3G is not really 3G, its like 2.9G. Read about it in the news. T-mobile is upgrading their networks slowly to a adaptive 3G network which may or may not be as fast as other 3G networks like AT&T uses; and I'm almost 90% sure the iphone 3G will not be compatible with the t-mobile a3G frequencies. So you'd still be running edge speeds.

    B.) You can only buy iPhone 3G in an AT&T store upon activation with a 2 year contract. You have 30 days to cancel contract and must return iPhone upon cancellation.

    So- unlocking the 3G iphone isn't the issue, its going to be the work getting them onto ebay to sell without paying $1000 dollars. Unlocking the phone is going to be simple. Trust me.

    C.) Rumor has it APPLE will be baby sitting its iPhone 2.0 users using PUSH with their servers, meaning Apple gets to see everything people do with their phones, legal or not.

    I'm sticking to the 1st Gen iphone. We'll see how it goes come July 11.

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