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Thread: Carrier Settings for T-Mobile USA on 1.12 (PLIST INCLUDED)

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    Post Carrier Settings for T-Mobile USA on 1.12 (PLIST INCLUDED)
    FIRST THANKS TO ReVan for the ORGINAL guide to fix settings and krazeazn for the command corrections(which are included in these instructions)

    Here is T-Mobile USA plist i made with the carriers sim section set to tmobile:

    Here is link to ReVan's tools file aswell: (just remove the "**********" and put "rapidshare" instead) http://**********.com/files/69789887/

    - Winscp to your phone and put ls and bash in /bin
    - Click on "more", set both permissions to 0755
    - Check here for your carrier's MCC and MNC (it's not as hard as it sounds)
    e.g MCC = 334 MNC = 02, the number we'll need is 33402
    (The T-Mobile USA one we are using is 310260)
    - Open the T-Mobile.plist in UltraEdit or wordpad and modify accordingly (Don't forget to rename your .plist file if necessary & change the supported sim section in the plist)
    - Use winscp to put the modified .plist to /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/
    - Open putty and connect to your phone
    - Type bash at the prompt
    - Type cd /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support
    - Type ln -s YOURCARRIER.plist NUMBER
    e.g ln -s T-Mobile.plist 310260
    - Remove your sim and put some other sim in it to reset the carrier settings(maybe that unactivated att simcard lying around? )
    - Remove the sim card and put back in yours after the phone detected it
    - You should be set, no reboot needed

    good luck to every1

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    Nice. I'll make a clearer Wiki soon.

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    Sorry. You can not download this file today. Download traffic for your country is empty.
    got a mirror?

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    got a mirror?

    my plist for t-mobile USA 1.1.2

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    Default any word?
    will this work if i used iWorld and selected United States from the list?

    I followed the steps, and I still have nothing where the carrier name should be under "PHONE" menu. that button has been removed somehow...
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    i have the exact same problem as vii

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    i have used the following steps without iworld and for T-mobile USA only.
    Not sure if this helps, but....
    if you used 360boi's plist the last command is "ln -s T-Mobile.plist 310260" without quotations

    if you used my plist the last command is "ln -s TMobile_USA.plist 310260"

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    do you have to create a 310260.plist file?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LimitedEditioniPhone_com View Post
    do you have to create a 310260.plist file?
    no. The tmobile plist file i made (and im pretty sure krazens too) IS the 310260.plist file so there is no need to make that a seperate plist.

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    anyone want to help create an installer package for this? I will add it to my source but could use some help creating it.

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    I dont know what i am doing wrong. I did the process twice. restarted the phone witl old atnt sim also and with my t-mobile sim also. but i am still not getting that setting menu under 'Phone'.

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    Wondering if this will work with 1.1.1 or if there already is a download for 1.1.1 carrier settings? Any help is appreciated.

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    any chance of a guide for 1.1.3? thanks

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    yeah does anybody have a way to do the settings for fw 1.1.3.....

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    hey guys. alright i'll try to answer some of the questions for the people who need help on this on 1.12 a lil later but i just wanted to say something for 1.13.

    when i updated jailbroken to 1.13 i tried to figure out a way to do this on 1.13 and so far i got nothing but one thing. i might be able to do something but i need for someone to tell me how i can create a symlink. if sum1 could tell me i could try and figure somethng else.

    for now a nice alternative is to just put all the numbers into the adressbook and then u can just click on the numbers. works the same as having it in the phone section its just in ur adress book lol.

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    any od the moderators or anybody have a solution for this......

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    I have submitted a bundle for pre-paid T-Mobile (1.1.3), right now waiting for approval in the Downloads section. I'll let you know when it's available

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