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Thread: YOUTUBE still not working on 1.0.2 iPhone !!

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    Default YOUTUBE still not working on 1.0.2 iPhone !!

    okay, so i did the whole shindig to unlock my 1.0.2 iPhone, used Packay, ibrickr, etc.

    my Youtube still says "cannot connect to Youtube". this happens when i'm using edge and even on my wifi network.

    any help!?

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    Next time post in the proper forum
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    well i figured this is an issue because my iphone is unlocked and i'm using tmobile, so i thought that it was okay to post in a tmobile thread.

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    use installer, add source
    (if you don't have it already) Big boss's installer pack.

    One of his app is Youtube Activation (for 1.0.2 and 1.1.1)

    Install that and walla.

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    thank you very much.

    i have one last question since you brought up installer.
    i installed iswitcher before, and it basically put my phone on auto standby over and over till i had to "reformat" my phone and unlock from square one. so i've been really trying to carefully install stuff in my iphone. right now all i have on my iphone 1.0.2 is the app installer and the mod my ifone installer. any others you recommend that are i guess...stable?

    i typed in the source exactly like you have written, it say "uncategorized source"
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    do a refresh in installer. it should say BigBoss in Uncategorized section.
    go back to install see Unlock That iPhone category, you should see Youtube Activation

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    I'm having a real problem with Youtube on my new T-mobile contract

    Can anyone help me...

    My Iphone is on 1.0.2 and its unlocked
    Youtube was working fine when I was with Orange in the UK... Now I have moved to T-Mobile it never seems to work. All I get is a message saying Can't connect to Youtube

    I have installed the BigBoss patch but that doesnt work.

    If I put the sim from my Orange contract back in the phone seems to work just fine.

    Its doing my head in

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    im having some what the same issue, but i can't even get big boss to show up on my installer. i've hit refresh several times, i've re entered the big boss http several times, made sure it was case sensitive and accurate. still nothing!??! i'm easily able to upload any other source. are there any other sources that contain such a youtube patch?

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    that work great thanks RC OZ

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    hi guys
    i have iphone 8gb i update 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 its working fine ...but my modem frem 04.2.13_G problem anysim 1.1 ,1.2 notworking help help help............ m

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    hi there
    i added the big boss source and installed the youtube activation but i still cannot connect to Youtube. im using a wi-fi connection but for some reason it still isnt working. i tried turning off the phone but still no luck.
    any suggestions

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