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Thread: T Zones $5.99 proxy hack made easy=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by antman1 View Post
    Weird, I could have sworn that I said texting, calling in and out stops when money runs out on my balance. I said Internet still works so I use TEXTNOW so I can still send and receive text messages and technically I use magicjack with siphon so I can make calls through wifi for free so my iPhone rocks! I hope you understand now what I am saying
    "...and stuff" doesn't really isn't specific. haha. I wanted to use VoIP via EDGE, but it isn't that great. Can you check to see if you can call without any money in your balance? I'd be really grateful!

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    You can't. I tried that. I am just happy with my Internet and messaging apps.

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    what if you need to call someone in an emergency? (not including 911)

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    I use my home phone or message them

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    Quote Originally Posted by antman1 View Post
    I use my home phone or message them
    lol assuming that you had to call a landline on the go, what would you do? pay for a payphone?

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    I don't run in to those situations. Sounds like it might not work for a high profile person like yourself. Glad I don't have those types of problems. Most of my contacts have the ability to text me right back and if I need to call some one I can stop out side mcdonalds and enjoy a drink while I use my Siphon and talk as long as I want then drive off and enjoy my Pandora and use my Navigon to get to my next location. But for you that might not be good so you may want to call tmobile and get a good plan to be sure you always are able to call out. Oh and yeah if I am out and about and need to dial 911 that is all I need on the road.

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    I have 3GS iPhone firmware 4.0.1 how can I save some money? I paying $19.99 for Internet. This hack thing works for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWHOx View Post
    The hourly pass is different from the sidekick plan. the sidekick plan allows unlimited calling, text, and web for one dollar a day, i think.
    voice calls are 15 cents per minute on the sidekick plan. sms and data are unlimited.

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    when you setup service for the first time and want to use the sidekick prepaid plan on the iphone, how did you go about getting the plan from tmobile? like when they ask for the IMEI number, what did you tell them>? did you give the iphone's imei or say somethign else? did you register online, or call them directly to setup your new account? and does this prepaid option use the buy in store time cards to pay for it, or is this prepaid plan different where you have to pay by credit card every month
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    I have T-Zones on T-mobile and I can not connect to the internet.
    I have tried many many settings.

    If someone can confirm that it works that would be hugely appreciated.

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    Try typing the following in the Cellular Data Network inside Network Tab.


    That's all. Then try to respring and open Safari and test out your Tmobile Tzone $5.99

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    Seems incompatible with my wifi. After intslling in Safari I get "Safari can't open the page because it can't find the server" None of the other apps can connect either. I'm thinking with all the success people are claiming, it must be unique to my hardware. I'm using an actiontec router. Does anyone know how I might be able to modify preferences.plist to get this working right for me? My wifi works once I uninstalled with Installer (I was happy to see it does backup preferences.plist).

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