ok i just got my iphone and unlocked it using ziphone, i had a sidekick lx switched the internet plan to the 5.99 cause i seen everyones was working with that. ok my question is that i cant connect with it i dont know how i searched but nothing works. im willing to switch to the 19.99 plan (blackberry) but i dnt know what to to. i want to be able to use youtube i wana be able to use all featurtes i know people have it working but i dont know how. please help me get my iphone online with out using wifi. thankyou very much.

iphone 1.1.4 8gb
model= ma712ll

if u could post directions for what to do witgh the 19.99 plan and/or the 5.99 plan and if more then 1 person could post the answer so i can try several diffrent things.