I'm having a problem with my tmobile edge on a ziphone jailbroken and unlocked iPhone I have tried every hack that installer offers including bigboss' 1.1.3 tmobile edge hack. I have restored my iPhone numerous times with ziphone and also tried iliberty I didn't have any of these problems until I changed my firmware from 1.1.1-1.1.4. Now here's the thing the edge does work but I have to refresh the page every time I end a session or restart the phone. I also tried a fix that was in a thread in this forum, adding a proxy file and a preferences.plist file but that did not work either. I have tried to return to 1.1.1 but Itunes did not accept the firmware and gave me an error. I tried to downgrade the baseband to 1.1.1 but that didn't work out either. I have hit so many dead ends and its driving me crazy can someone please help me get my edge working properly again. thank you!