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Thread: ATTN TMOBILE USERS in the usa

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    Default ATTN TMOBILE USERS in the usa
    ok so im currently an att/cingular user in the US. they are refusing to go into my device profile and enable the mms settings. now im thinking about switching to T-mobile. i have a couple of questions. First, how would you rate the service you receive as far as signal etc etc. Secondly, what plan do i need to get as far as data packages for my iphone to work with t mobile to receive mms messages. Lastly. will they let me go in there and just buy a plan without buying a phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    i use the unlimited plan its more reliable for me. service is good tmoblie will even give what tech support they can when you call on your phone. and yes you can just buy a plan.

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    Those are pretty general questions. Service can be good in some places and bad in others depending on the market you're in. The only plan you'll need for data is $5.99 t-zones on top of whatever phone plan you choose.

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    lol this guy has posted the exact same message on different boards
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    You'll still need to use the SwirlyMMS app to get send and receive your mms...

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    also to get MMS going on your phone you have to activate it, this can be a little tricky if you only have an iphone since you cant activate mms from an iphone.

    You have to put your simcard into a tmobile phone and send yourself 2 mms messages, this will activate the MMS functionality on your account and then you can just put the simcard into your iphone and it will work

    only difficult ifyou dont know someone on tmobile that will let you use their phone.

    You also may be able to get a check since you dont need a phone. For signing a 1 year contract i got $150 check.
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    MMS = picture messages right?

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    1) Service at my house, very good, 5 bars, service at my school, very poor, 0 bars, sometimes half a bar.

    2) Yes, you can buy a SIM Card only.

    3) Yes, MMS works.

    4) EDGE is nice with $5.99 package, but YouTube doesn't work; you can play, but you can't search, so you'll have to bookmark videos, or go on WiFi, or buy the $19.99 plan.
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