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Thread: How much do you pay?

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    Default How much do you pay?
    Hey everyone, I'm getting an iphone from a friend which I plan to unlock. I want to use it on tmobile but I'm confused about which plan and add-ons to choose. I know plenty of you are using the total internet package which has been referenced on this site to cost 19.99 but the tmobile website is showing it for twice that.

    The 5.99 t-zone's option is available but I'm sure the speeds would be a lot slower since its limited to wap I think. Also has anyone received charges for excessive use of this and how are the surfing and youtube speeds on this choice?

    Finally about texting. I saw that tmobile's unlimited texting is 14.99 per month to add on to an plan. I'm currently on Sprint and want to make the switch. If I choose a basic 39.99 per month voice plan+19.99 internet+14.99, that's $75 plus tax per month. If I choose the the same voice plan+tzones+unlimited texting, that's about 60 plus tax a lot better lol for a college kid.

    Anyway guys I'm asking for your inputs like which plans and options do you have and how much do you end up paying after taxes each month? Also the question about whether total internet is 19.99 or twice that and whether the unlimited texting is 14.99 or less. Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing your input.
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    total internet is $19.99 as an add on. i believe youre looking at the price as if you were to only have that plan and no voice plan

    i have:

    $39.99 1000 mins + free nights/weekend
    $2.99 500 text messages
    $19.99 Blackberry Plan

    I'm actually looking for someone to take over my plan. PM me if youre interested. the Blackberry Plan can be easily changed over to the Total Internet Plan.

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    $10 ultd text
    $40 my faves 300
    $6 Tzones

    cant beat this plan
    T-mobile has stolen my wallet's heart

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    im using 39.99 for 1000 anytime free nights n weekends
    15 for unltd text
    5.99 for tzones

    i might reduce my text tho, i seriously don't use that much lol
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    I have Family plan with my girlfriend

    $59.99 for 700 mins
    $19.99 unlimited sms+mms text
    $1.49 caller tune (mine)
    $1.49 caller tune (hers)
    $5.99 T-zone (mine)
    $5.99 T-zone (hers)
    + taxes
    + we also have free T-mobile to T-mobile FREE. And all of my friends have T-mobile

    We pay only $99.18 a month (march invoice). Split in half, I pay around $50 a month Can't beat that!
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    39.99 my favs with grandcentral hack
    9.99 for unlimited my favs txts
    19.99 for unlimited internet

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    29.99 for 300 minutes. Weekends free (I rarely call people during the week)
    4.99 for 400 Txt's, but I'm bumping it up to the 9.99 and 1000 texts
    Monthly comes to about 45 dollars.

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    i have the 39.99 600 minutes plan, plus the Total internet add on for 19.99 and 14.99 for the unlimited text. Free nights and weekends, i usually talk at those times so i am good for the 600 minutes, i rarely use even half of that. and i am a very heavy texter too, i just checked my account, so far i have used 12,000+ texts already and i have 3 more days in my billing cycle, i better cut back on the texting!

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    $40 1000 min free N/W
    $5 text
    $6 tzones

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsgk2 View Post
    $40 1000 min free N/W
    $5 text
    $6 tzones
    I have this same plan. It gives you 400 or 500 texts a month. I forget which cuz I never come close. My bill comes to $60 after taxes. I'm on the Internet all the time. I've never been charged extra for anything.

    My last phone was a Blackberry Pearl and I had the $19.99 Blackberry Internet plan. It is the same exact speed as the $5.99 Tzones that I'm using now. They both use edge and they're both slow.

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