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Thread: T-Mobile Edge vs WiFi Settings

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    Default T-Mobile Edge vs WiFi Settings
    iPhone FW 114

    I having a real problem trying to have the best of both worlds using WiFi and T-Mobile 5.99 (Edge). The problem is, Edge uses the IP range and our Corporate network uses Therefore, the WiFi never works.

    I also noticed that turning off "Edge" (either in settings or BossPrefs) does NOT cause iPhone to ignore proxy.pac. Is this correct?

    I am a programmer and tried to do something like this:

    function FindProxyForURL( url, host )
    	if ( !isInNet( myIpAddress(), "", "" )
    	&& isInNet( myIpAddress(), "", "" ) )
    		return "PROXY";
    		return "DIRECT";
    note that I added:
    !isInNet( myIpAddress(), "", "" )

    but that didn't seem to help either. Matter of fact, this appears to make the problem worse (locks up the phone) when trying to run Edge and WiFi at the same time. I might be crashing the network if that syntax isn't correct but I have no way of knowing (or I don't know how to find out).

    The only solution I have found is that I have to rename the proxy.pac file and reboot.

    Is there a better solution?
    Is the proxy.pac only read at boot time?

    It would be nice to have a BOSSPref that could toggle the proxy setting on and off. I would suspect the pref would toggle the ProxyEnabled bit in the preferences.plist however I don't know if this bit is real time or requires a reboot.
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