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Thread: Can Somebody Please Help Me With Tzones!!!

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    Default Can Somebody Please Help Me With Tzones!!!
    I am getting very fustrated with this Tzones crap and I need some assistance. I have been searching all day and cannot find an answer. My iphone is unlocked 1.1.4 using Ziphone I have the t-zones plan and I did the TZones Hack. It worked for 15 mins now I get COMVERSE and INTERNAL ERROR 500. Can somebody please tell me how to get around this so that I can use the internet on my iphone. I dont how to do it the manual way with all of the copying and pasting so PLEASE HELP ME OUT

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    Hey Tippsta,
    I also have a unlocked 1.1.4 using Ziphone and the t-zones plan and I did the TZones Hack (BigBoss) 2-3 days ago.
    It didnt work for me either and I got same errors COMVERSE,ETC). I tried everything and looked everywhere for a fix. Nothing worked..until today.
    It just started working on it's own. I'm not sure if it is a TMobile problem or what area you are in. I'm east coast.
    Anyhow, be patient and it will eventually start working. This doesnt sound like a reliable plan but for 5.99 it's ok for me.
    Hope this helps.

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    I have many friends that use this hack and it seems to work fine but does go down occasionally. Try rebooting the phone and go into settings > general > nerwork > edge settings and confirm that under APN it says

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    Forget this I'm going back to my sidekick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaTippsta View Post
    Forget this I'm going back to my sidekick!
    downgrade if you want. You can try restoring and repeating the process of unlocking/jailbreaking. Then you can install the 1.1.4 compatibility patch then install the 1.1.3 tzones hack. Try that, if not, just keep searching and youll find your answer.

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