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Thread: A working Background

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    Default A working Background
    Read this first and try to understand and if you dont just do it and look.

    The embeded docks is the what gave it to me. Anyway its simple just make a few extra large icons to replace all icons. The Clock,Calculator,Notes, and Settings are the middle icons so simply replace those icons with these files and it should turn out right. After a few experiments you may wanna put transparents in for all other icons except the main apps in the dock and the calender because the words dont show through.

    This isnt perfect but it is a start!
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    Let's see a picture!

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    Here is a very bad picture. There are still some things that are a little funky.

    the line down the side is where i messed up on spacing but on the attached file i think i fixed it
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    im impressed, ill fool around with it when i get off of work

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    Thats awesome... I want the usual blue osx wallpaper!!!! How do you do it?

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    Im sure you will get a lot of questions, but i would like to be the first to say... interesting idea. I downloaded your pack and i was confused because there were 3 icons in each strip, so in the icon folders that we are not replacing with the background images, we would put transparent 60x60 icon.png's? and do you know the spacing between each icon in pixels? im sure your going to make a walkthrough. great job +thanks!

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    so you just layed all the icons out with a bg and then tiled them and saved them as individual "panels" that make up the full screen?

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    Mad Props Jakey. Mad Props. You got it dialed in
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    Thanks everyone. Let me try to explain.I got the mirrored icon pack for this because they were nicely zipped up and all. i took the background and divided it by four. 320/4 = 80 and then maded 80x480 strips of the back ground. Then i took the icons and imported them and put them on top as another layer. Thus 12 icons divided by 4 rows or columns or whatever you get 3 icons per strip. I just eyeballed the icons places by lookin at a picture. As long as there somewhere around there it will work fine. Then i replaced the icons closest to center so they would lay out right which are the Clock,Calculator,Notes, and Settings. With each part of the picture. You have to cut a hole out in the calculator row for the calender though and everything else should work right. There still are some problems though
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    I still didn't understand a word of what you said.. How bout you go thru step by step to clarify.. You're writing as if we're hearing everything else you're thinking.. ahahha I'll check it out and see if I can understand what you mean..

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    ahh, that makes sense. what seems to be the problem? i noticed in the picture the last row had a white line? anything else?

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    OK let me try again. We wanted a background. Im think now where in the hell is that file to change the color of it. Then i also noticed that everyone was making shapes out of diffrent icons which got me off track. Then i saw the embedded dock idea with no real icon pictures just a dock with pictures already on it. Meaning that there is just a 60x60 section of the iphone where the touch sensor is looking for which ever icon. So from there i deduced that why not just have one or a few of the main icons huge and put a background on one. Worried about it centering on the icon and only part of the picture being shown i saw that that was the answer just split the screen up in to parts. Therefore i took the mosted centered icons the ones i already mensioned and gave them each a part of the picture. I decided to make strips for those main icons. each having part of the picture. With four difrent rows of icons i put 3 icons on each row. And gave each row a diffrent part of the picture. Then simply put it on the phone.

    On the picture i had a white line down the side because i didnt space it correctly. easily fixed.
    When tapping on an icon it lights up or dims down rather in brightness therefore the only icons doing this are the 4 icons Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings. And when they do they light up there whole strip instead of just there icons.
    Other than that i think its flawless.
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    how bout just one 1 icon with the whole screen size.. then overlay the rest of the icons.. Or 4 icons at the top.. when u replace the calculator icon, u can still push the others, but the whole row depresses like one big button.. i have icons on the 4th row which overlay the entire row..

    which leads me to believe u only need 1 icon with the image..

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    That may be true but the reason i didnt do it that way is because i didnt know if only part of the picture would show. In other words how do you know it is going to fit to screen?? You just have to test.

    Either way i gave you guys the idea and the main source now all you have to do is make it better. you know give it a version 2.0

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    If you only have 4 icon.pngs wont the others be unresponsive? Or do you have each icon in that COL the same icon.png?

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    There doesnt have to be a real image in place for the touch screen to register your finger you can delete all the icon.pngs and have a blank black screen and it will still register. The pictures are just for the eye not for the machine.

    Any more ?'s

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    Yah good job man, no doubt you get the credit for the concept!!
    We just gotta work on perfecting the best method.. I'll be in testing for the next couple hours.. I'll let u know what I come up with

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalkid56 View Post
    Yah good job man, no doubt you get the credit for the concept!!
    We just gotta work on perfecting the best method.. I'll be in testing for the next couple hours.. I'll let u know what I come up with
    Great Glad Everyone Likes It.

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    Thanks man, I knew that because I made 2 of my icons blank. I have no Idea why I thought differently. Ok Im going to make on now.

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    Jakey! Your putting Transparents in place of the others right?
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