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Thread: Themes Request Here

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    i need a gun theme i got da bg i juss need icons n a cold dock and da bar on top wear da `atnt n da time is at

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    i'd love a Wonder Woman or Justice Leage theme!

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    Looking for this one:

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    could you make me a NCIS theme and a Chicago Cubs theme? Please

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    was gonna make one myself but i dont got the time,

    Blunt theme - icons are different types of blunts/cigars
    Bong theme - icons different type of bongs, or grass city has some nice selections
    Kind Bud theme - icons cud be jars of bud or bud plants, has some nice pics in there seeds section,

    or a combo of all for a 420/Stoner/Marijuana or wat ever u wanna call it theme - icons could be joints, blunts, bongs, vaporizers, buds, hand blown pipes, sherlocks, sidecars, hammers, hookahs, things like that...maybe a mushroom to
    Background a big fat nug of bud or pretty bud flower. lol

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    Default Vans Shoes
    just got the Vans shoe battery so figured a theme to match would be great sooo.....

    a colored background with all different Vans shoes and for icons all the different colors and styles but just the slip on ones or the ones that tie up (none of those ugly old school skater shoes) and perhaps maybe even a vans shoe slider.

    and if you wanna go all out maybe even a vans carrier logo replacement.

    this would be great and im sure would be enjoyed by many. thanks
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    Default Street Fighter 4
    Well I have no materials but let me know if ya can do it or not and gotta have sound from the characters too plz lol

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    Default Cotton Candy Pink Icons
    Hi. I have a pink iPhone and I really would like some cotton candy pink icons to match. I would like to be able to add them to themebuilder so I can use them with different wallpapers. Most of the pictures are around the same color, but could you make the icons and alter them so that they are all the same pink. Thanks a bunch!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -ipod.jpg   -mail.jpg   -notes.jpg   -pinkcamera.jpg   -princess-pink-phone2.jpg   -safari.jpg   -speed-dial.jpg   -text.jpg  

    -weather.jpg   -stocks.jpg  

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    I don't know if you stopped taking requests but if not could you make a color code geass theme?

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    I was looking for an Iron Man Theme
    In color
    and i wanted it to go with this pic Iron Man

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    I really like themes like Audio that incorporate the icons onto the wallpaper. I'm tired of little icons floating in space, and the shelves don't really do it for me either. (Not that they're not great!) But I'd really like to see more of these. Perhaps a brick wall as the background with all the icons as windows. Anyone else know of any themes like Audio?

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    Default Gamecocks
    i would LOVE for someone to upload a South Carolina Gamecock theme in Cydia!

    i've attatched some photos...let me know if i can do anything else!

    it's VERY appreciated...THANK YOU!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -helmet.jpg   -cheer.jpg   -players.jpg   -southcarolina_logo.jpg   -steve_spurrier_080.jpg   -williams-brice-stadium1.jpg  

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    bape or bbc ice cream

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    I'd Love a Jeep Wrangler theme RED logo for a background and jeeps for some icons

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    this topic is from 2007 the op probably doesnt know it still exsists and that people are requesting themes

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    Talking Weed!
    man i need a weed them :d

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    Does anyone have sphere theme yet?

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