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Thread: Themes Request Here

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    I want a red/black gangster theme something with red bandana,guns, and money and a vida guerra theme. Ill find some pics and post them tonight

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    can someone make a windows media player 11 theme specifically for ipod touch? :P, with a 5 icon dock? :P. If someone could it would be great, i love how windows media player 11 looks

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    Default LOST theme
    I've been watching for a LOST theme for summerboard but I don't think there is one yet. Anyone? Thanks in advance....

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    I would like to have a family guy theme.
    The are some icons in the downloads section that looks great, but they aren't summerboard compatible i think.
    Any wallpaper and dock that matches would be great!

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    hey all im back and really excited about the themes i will soon be putting on mmi.. have been on a break and now ready to get back to design so keep sending request should have new downloads on here really soon thanks for the support

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    is it possible to make a toyota supra theme? preferrably with tastefully done supras and not "Fast & Furious style" ones

    i have tons of pictures if you need them

    thanks in advance
    1JZ-GTE w00t!

    My Supra Video

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    could u make me an 1967 eleanor mustang theme of some sort? dream car! that would b awesome. if u dont have time jay, dont sweat it, it was just a thought, but it would b sick!

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    can anyone make the themes posted here?

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    I'm surprised there's no cool zombie/horror themes out there....

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    My Request is for a Bioshock(xbox 360 game)(and Game of the Year 07)Theme
    with icons and all if u can find the time i would appreciate it

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    I would love to see a street fighter theme and a naruto theme could some one please make one

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    Default theme request
    Hey if anyone could please try to do either a Lakers theme, One Tree Hill or Britney theme I'd really appreciate it.

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    Can someone make a Chelsea FC theme? I've been wanting one for a while now.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would like to request a black signal, wifi, and battery strength indicators in the taskbar while in an application. Also black Application Title bars and surrounds for all Apps. including Google maps, Youtube, stocks etc. Hopefully there is one file that will change all of them to black. I realize this may take a lot of work. Please let me know if there are any questions and where the contribution should be made to.


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    Hey JayJay, we haven't heard from you. Are you working on them, or has it become to much of a commitment? Let us know


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    Hey, could you make a Phantom of the Opera theme with icons? Anything from the movie would be great. Thanks!

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    i'd love a chanel or D&G one. i found a LV one n love it. or something with this picture and i don't even know what kind of icons b/c it's so colorful. i see u have a zillion requests so i'm just throwing that out there, i'll live if ya can't get to me.

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    Thumbs up Theme idea: Hitman
    Morning, I was thinking HITMAN theme for Summerboard. Something using his symbol, barcode and weapons..etc. I attached some links to what I found, I can not upload at work. Please let me know if you need more info from me. (info)

    Not sur if those links help let me know, by the way stopped by your site...not bad at all went into my faves.


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    I would love any type of military theme

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    Default Lost
    Now that LOST is finally going to start up again, I thought there might be renewed interest in a LOST theme. I would love it.

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