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Thread: Themes Request Here

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    Default Please Read
    Ok the thmes are almost done but i wanted to announce my new site and would love it if u all signed up for it.. I am not trying to compete with mmi i just want a chance to show my talent and also bil a great support network.. so with that being said here is the new site where u can find the themes that are here u can find them there !!!

    ps i owe it all to mmi for knowing what i know
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    litho theme for iswitcher would be AWESOME. summerboard is tooo slow and crashing too much

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    If you could make a Texas Tech University Red Raiders theme, I would love you.

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    Talking Request for a HAL 2000 Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey
    Edit: I meant HAL 9000, not 2000. Ugh!

    I came across the sound pack, sound pack , that someone put together from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The clips that were used were great, and would work with a full theme. There would need to be some additional audio clips created, but they could be pulled from the other movie, 2010.

    The classic red eye from HAL would be the background, and the icons could be placed on the memory modules that the crew pulled out to disable him in the movie. Some nice PhotoShop skills would be needed for the icons, but I've seen some great talent already on here. I'm thinking of a 3d look to the icon like it's coming from the wallpaper itself, but transparent a little to look like the glass memory modules.

    Can anybody do this?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -hal2000.jpg   -hal2000-memory.jpg  
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    Default James Bond theme
    Would love to see a James bond theme for the iphone.

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    Could these photos work as icons for an X-ray theme?
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    Default most themes u requested are up now
    most of themes u all have requested are up...
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    JayJay, exactly what I asked for!!! Thank you so much, the Seattle theme rocks!

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    Default "Devine Comedy" or "Paradise Lost"?
    Your themes rock!! Love how slick they are....

    Think you could do a theme based on...

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    Default Are you still taking request?
    Just wanted to know if you are still taking request if so i can get together some photos and stuff if you could still do this that would be much appreciated..

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    south carolina gamecocks theme plz.. possibly with 3d buttons and dialer and battery.. dont know how hard the task is but ive got the time to wait for it as long as u can do it but thx if you could just pm and let me know plz.. thx alot..

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    Default hellokitty theme
    thats cool...could u plz make a hellokitty theme..thx alot. if u can could u put it in the installer or update it to the installer cuz i have no idea how to put themes into my phone without the installer...thank you

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    thats cool

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    How about a Superman theme! I know there are a few on here but (no disrepect to any of the authors) but there not as drawn out as others on here are. I would like a "full superman theme" icons however u please. Thanx!

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    I saw that there was a Ducati theme but im a Yamaha guy so if anyone could work on this or know where one is that would be awesome

    also on a side note i was wondering if there was any progress on that sphere battery..because i really like that except there isnt 17 images and it would be cool to see the fill blue or white

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    Guitar hero 3 theme - Cant believe one isn't out there yet especially with how popular tap tap evolution is currently

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    i would love a louis vuitton or a gucci theme. I have tried finding one or two but none of them are any good

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    There are both Guci and LV themes - maybe look a little harder -

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    I was wondering if someone could make me a silver surfer theme?

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