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Thread: Themes Request Here

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    Hello, I would love to get my wife a Little Mermaid theme, thing is we just had a baby and her room theme is little mermaid so my wife is little mermaid crazy right now.
    I dont know what I can contribute on my part so please let me know.
    thanks in advanced.

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    Thank you very much! The Sabres theme is awesome.
    You are my new best friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayjaythemac View Post
    iphonejeff question u want just a black and blue background type theme anything else pics etc let me know
    can u make the icons black with a nice black and blue backround..

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    Hi, could someone make a sparkeling gold and sparkeling diamant theme, with as many images as possible e.g. battery.png, wifi.png and so on. I would love to do it myself I just do not know how.

    Please let me know if i can help in any way. I was thinking of something like the battery_BG.png from the Tinkebell them.
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    This is a neat idea, but everyone please be respectful and give the man time to create the themes.


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    Jayjay I was wondering if you know when the themes might be on the installer??or should i use ibricker?I know you already made the theme,I was hoping you could make the battery have a raiders shield or helmet inside the battery?Anyhow thanks again for the great work.

    JayJay Got the theme working... I was hoping when your done with all the other requests you might do another Raider theme like this But with a Raiders helmet or shield in the battery,I don't know who made this theme but credit to them,I found it on this site.Thanks again JayJay .Thanks to you my phone is all Raiders!!
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    How about a Beach/Island theme ?

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    Yeah.. the requests are getting hefty..
    Proud MMi Retired Moderator.

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    How about the greatest band in the land "kiss"
    a kiss theme would be sweet, maybe the rock and roll over cover as the background.each album as an icon --sweeeettt
    and i think this would be the frist band theme i have seen, i think .

    how about it please and laod it to summerboard themes so i can download it using apptapp.. i know asking alot but you offered...

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    mine being worked on???? plz

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    Default Update
    I Have A special project and i need my mmi pals input
    Ok i am going to start Accepting Rquests for Personalized summerBoard
    Themes along with all other requests dont worry

    Let me Explain the new idea

    I would love to design themes using peoples pesonal photos;

    Example pics of someones wife, special momonets like kids football games

    i do have a few guidelines

    All pics must be pg-13

    pretty easy!!

    So let me know what u think

    Ok More Themes waiting to be aproved

    Little Mermaid
    Island Theme

    Also posted two others
    Justin Timberlake

    Update Black and Blu is done too!!!
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    That is a great idea jayjay!!you da man!!

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    update on black and blu theme !!!!

    There is a error on it and it dosent work right. i have found the error and will be realesing a new version today!!! my apoligies to those who wanted this theme but i will make it up

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    Jayjay,I know your busy just curios if you seen the link I posted in post#26.Would you be intrested in making this theme.let me know,I would like to add a couple of things if and when you make this up.Can't say Thank you enough for your time and effort..coldcrazy

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    Wife's pretty cute and I live in Costa Rica. When do you want to get started! heehee I'd actually love it, if you're not bogged down with request already.

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    would love a fireman theme anything will do consudering there's nothing out there for firefighters, thanks a bunch

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    Default Creative Idea's
    Hi guys, the themes are coming along very well, i took today to design some independent themes that i thought others may like. I'm waiting for them to be approved! Also i love the idea for a kiss theme, indefinently love the firefighter idea.(remember 9-11). so those will be out soon!!
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    i love the themes u created so far
    was wondering if you could make a toronto maple leafs theme(somehow including mats sundin, kyle wellwood and vesa toskala)

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    JayJay Was thinking what about a Sopranos theme for summerboard..

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    ive been looking at your themes and they all look really nice but none my "type"
    i was wondering if i could get a famous stars and staps theme with this wallpaper
    and the icons preferably red thnx much

    and mayb someone can make these into wallpapers also
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