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Thread: How to make a blank Springboard?

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    Default How to make a blank Springboard?
    I've seen some people on here that have a completely black springboard with just a wallpaper and dock with icons showing. They would have to flick the icons up from below the dock.
    How do I go about getting that look? Forgive me, but I am kinda new at modding and I've tried to search, but what I am looking for is someone to walk me through this because I don't know where to find the blank icon and what to do with it once I do have it.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    the way that is accomplished is by using a blank application called there are actually icons there, they are just transparent icons. if you happen to click any of this accidentally, it will launch, which brings up a blank screen for about ten seconds and then crashes back to the home screen, during which you can't do anything. if you still want it, here's how:

    first and foremost you have to get rsbt somehow. using installer, winscp, ibrickr...whatever method you use to install third party apps and all that. if you are using winscp or another ssh method, you will have to get the actual program which can be found here:

    you'll want to download the newest compiled version, if you aren't using ibrickr or installer. also on that page is a download for the blank icon. you will need to install this with ssh i believe. download the blank icon, rename the folder which says "" to " .app", yes that is a space before the .app, and put it in your applications directory on your iphone using winscp or another ssh program.

    you'll also need summerboard, which can also be installed using installer or ibrickr. this program is needed for the scrolling home screen, so you can get the hidden programs to scroll.

    now that you have them both on your phone, you can run rsbt and rearrange your icons to however you want them. in the top left hand corner will be a button with nothing on it, that's how you add blank icons. click on that and get sixteen of them, and put them all in the front. save your new layout and go back to the home screen. now you should have a blank screen with all your other icons below the dock, waiting to be scrolled up.
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    Easier is to just use RSBT and hide all the icons you do not want to see.

    My screen is only a wallpaper with 5 small icons in my dock. ALL my icons are hidden.

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    thats tite mike can you show me step by step how to do it..and how can i use those hidden icon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pleyah69bjay View Post
    thats tite mike can you show me step by step how to do it..and how can i use those hidden icon?
    You need to install the dock app using installer. I think you could probably use launcher as well. I haven't used it so I won't go there. Once you have dock installed just make sure it is working. You should have a little yellow star in the bottom right corner of your phone. Put your finger on the star and drag it towards the center of the springboard, You will notice your apps appear and you can select anyone you want to launch. Ok, you need dock ( or launcher ) installed before you start hiding your icons so that you have the abililty to use them after you hide them. The next step would be to install customize. Again use installer to do this. Inside customize you have rSBT (Icon Order) selection. This is where you can setup your icons anyway you want including hiding them. To quickly hide all your icons except the dock icons, hit the settings button at the bottom. Then adjust the springboard icons to 0. Go back to the icon list and hit the save button in the top right corner.

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