I would like to officially re-introduce to you,


First of all, I should say that a re-launch indicates that the first edition wasn't very successful, this wasn't the case. JailbreakUI was a hit to say the least, however the format didn't bode well with the amount of tweaks and themes that are constantly coming out of this great community. Therefore some amendments have been made.
As well as daily posts per usual on the site, we've added a 'Post Your Work' feature, this gives a chance for developers and designers to post their own themes/tweaks on JailbreakUI. Obviously posts will have to be approved. Check the 'submit' feature out here:


Another feature i'm excited to tell you about is called 'Inspire', its a tumblr-esque collection of beautiful setups that you can take inspiration from, you can check that page out here:


There's still a bit of work to do, in terms of polishing it all off.

I'd love to know what you think, positive or negative. Also if you have any ideas for posts that'll be good to hear.

Have a nice day, Jailbreakers.