I buy a lot of themes. I think that the most important aspect of a theme is the icons. This is especially true on iOS 7. Many developers have started to post "iPhone photos" of their themes. Photos as in pictures of the iPhone displaying the theme.

Like the picture attached. The problem with this is that it makes the actual theme section of the photo tiny. Somewhere probably around 40% of the picture itself. So most of the picture is blue sky with a significant amount of iPhone frame as well. When browsing Cydia on the iPhone, these pictures are worse than useless. There is no way to see any detail. And if I can't see the theme then I am not going to purchase it.

I know that theme developers put in a ton of work into their themes. It seems a shame to post a pic sharing that work where the vast majority of the picture is blue sky and iPhone frame.

So please developers, just post screenshots of your themes. When I'm browsing Cydia and looking for a new theme, I was to see your work in the best possible light.