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Thread: How To Make A Theme In iOS 7

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    Lightbulb How To Make A Theme In iOS 7
    Hey everyone, Xtrendece (Creator of XtrenTheme) here and today, I’m going to teach you how to make a Winterboard Theme for iPhone 5/5S. It is very simple and easy, nothing complex. You can make one in less than 30 Minutes depending on the quality. Here’s a step by step guide on how to make a Theme:

    ➤It is recommended you use Preview & Photoshop on a Mac

    1.Decide what colors you want your Theme to have.
    ➤ Themes usually have colors that go well together like Red & Black, Blue & Green, Blue & Cyan

    2.Once you have decided on the colors, you have two options:
    ➤Download The Icons
    ➤Make The Icons From Scratch

    *If you decide to Download the Icons, here are some sources:
    Icon Search Engine - Download 469,674 Free Icons, PNG Icons, Web Icons
    Icon Archive - Search 484,394 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons

    *Download Icons with a resolution of 128x128 at minimum (The larger the better)

    *If you decide to Make the Icons, here’s a tutorial:
    How to make your own icons in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube
    ➤Photoshop is Recommended

    3.Once you have all the Icons you need, make a folder on your Desktop or any other place in your computer (Desktop is easier) and name it x.theme
    ➤Replace x with the name of your Theme (Optional)

    4.Inside x.theme make another folder called “Bundles”
    ➤This is where it gets complicated
    ➤Don’t let it scare you

    *Icons go inside Bundles but they have to be in specific folders

    5.Download iFunBox
    iFunBox for Windows | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transferer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    6.Open iFunBox and make sure you have afc2add installed on you iPhone in Cydia

    7.Go to User or System Applications and find the first App you want to Theme and double click on it

    *If it is a User App, then there should be three or four folders inside and one of them should have a .app at the end, open that and find the file “Info.plist” open it and search for a line that either reads or com.APP_PUBLISHER.APP_NAME.
    Make a folder inside the Bundles folder with that name for example:
    Now drag the App’s Icons (All Sizes) and drop them in the folder.

    *If it is a System App, then there should be a Info.plist file, do the same thing I wrote above.


    Maps is:
    Messages is:
    Pages is:
    iFile is: eu.heinelt.ifile

    ➤ is just being used as an example, it’s the same for all the other apps but not all apps have com at the beginning (Some apps even have two words like com.APP_NAME)

    8.Once you have dragged the Icons into the, open your icons (the ones you downloaded or made in Photoshop) of the Maps application or whatever App you are theming and resize it to the largest inside the folder in this case 120x120. Default Icon Size in iPhone 5/5S is 120x120, in iPad 4 it’s 152x152.

    9.Copy the enlarged Icon in Preview (Command+A, Command+C) and open the Icons and resize them to 120x120 (or whatever the size of your enlarged Icon is) and press the following Buttons on your keyboard:


    Once you enter those in order, the old Icon should be replaced with your new one.

    10.Now do this for all the other ones, there should be a “[email protected]” in the folder, open it and resize it to your enlarged Icon size (120x120) and do the same (Press the buttons Command+A, Command+Delete, Command+V).

    ➤Downloading and Using another persons Theme as a tutorial to get familiar with Theming is also advised as that is how I learned how to Theme.
    ➤If you would like to Download my Theme, search the ModMyi Repo on Cydia for “XtrenTheme”, it comes in several versions (iPad, Silver, Platinum etc.)
    At the time of writing this (2:14 PM, Thursday, March 20, 2014) my newest Theme “XtrenTheme (Adamantium)” is awaiting approval from the ModMyi Team.
    11.You should continue this process with all the other Icons you want to Theme. For more information contact me:

    ➤To make a JellyLock or Chevron Theme, make a folder inside your .theme and name it "Folders" and inside it put:
    1.For Chevron, make a file called: SpringBoardFoundation.framework and make a 165x93 PNG and name it to:
    [email protected] and put it inside the SpringBoardFoundation.framework
    2.For JellyLock, make the following Folders: YOURTHEME.theme/Folders/JellyLock7/Conents/Resources/
    Inside the Resources folder you should put the following files:

    jellylock_camera_inactive.png (200x200) - This file is the texture for the camera
    [email protected] (400x400) - This file is the texture for the camera
    jellylock_handler.png (200x200) - This file is the texture of the circle ring
    [email protected] (400x400) - This file is the texture of the circle ring
    jellylock_unlock_inactive.png (200x200) - This file is the texture of the unlock
    [email protected] (400x400) - This file is the texture of the unlock

    E-Mail Me: [email protected]
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    All by Me: Xtrendence!!!

    More Examples Of App Folders In Bundles
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