What are the requirements to submit a Paid Theme? Last month, I submitted my new paid theme but it got rejected. In the email it said:

Here's our reasoning:
Thank you for choosing the Modmyi repo! Unfortunately we will be
unable to accept your theme as paid. This could be due to a variety of
reasons: Your theme is not complete (i.e. includes icons, UI, themed
apps, lockscreens; the more the better!), or your theme is not quite
detailed enough (the graphics are not crisp and clean, the icons are
could use some work, etc). However, If you would like to resubmit your
theme as free, we would be happy to accept it as such. Once again,
thank you for choosing Modmyi

My theme includes:

  • Theme for All system icons.
  • Theme for Icon Framework.
  • Theme for Message Box.
  • Theme for Notification Alert
  • Theme Icon for Folder
  • Customized Lock doorknob

All those listed themes are in separate folder, with respective name.

So I don't know which I should create so that my theme will not get rejected.
Is there somebody who can tell me what requirements are and what I should create so that my theme will be accepted.