I'm trying to create script for copying app icons from one location to app location. I'm plan running it every time when i update some applications to easy process of manually theming every app. I don't use Winterboard.

I cannot find command to easy copy png file to app directory without knowing GUID (GUID is different according to app version).

So far i have try:

cp -p /var/mobile/Icons/Pocket/IconPhone_114.png /var/mobile/Applications/com.ideashower.ReadItLeaterPro/IconPhone_114.png

cp -p /var/mobile/Icons/Pocket/IconPhone_114.png /var/mobile/Applications/ReadItLeaterPro.app/IconPhone_114.png

cp -p /var/mobile/Icons/Pocket/IconPhone_114.png /var/mobile/Applications/Pocket.app/IconPhone_114.png

Can please someone help me with this?